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Hi I'm Linda

I am Hmong. I love the guitar. I love my family & friends. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I am from a family of ten with two lovely sisters, two protective brothers, 3 little clowns & of course my parents. I grew up in California and had never been outside of state. Life would definitely be hard without my family who has walked with me through thick & thin. I enjoy nice, long rides with music. I love to play the guitar, its become my best friend. I like to spend hours reading, I like to ask questions & I love to write songs & stories. I am not an outgoing person but I do love to experience new & exciting things. When I was younger I would say my favorite day of the week was Tuesday but I've come to learn that Sundays are the best & when the most amazing things happen. The best thing that had ever happened in my life was when I took my first breath after I was pull out of the water of baptism at the age of 19. My greatest example is my Savior Jesus Christ, who was our brother, who offered the greatest plan & showed me how to walk in the light of Christ. 

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, not because the people that I know are & not because I was born into the church. I am a Mormon, because at the beginning of November 2010 I met two strangers with ties who's names were Elders when I was invited by a friend to church on a Tuesday night. I am a Mormon because when I had my very first lesson with the Elders and received my very first Book of Mormon, I read it! I highlighted the teachings from the Lord & the passages that made me felt the Spirit of the Lord and I questioned. I had more questions and concerns in my life than any other time. I am a Mormon because when I felt I needed the answers to my questions, I was prompted to do only one thing that I felt was the right thing to do at the time. I found myself kneeling at the end of my bed, with my eyes closed & as little as I knew at the time about praying, I said "Dear Father in Heaven..." & I was suddenly "led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do". I am a Mormon because I chose a light, a happiness that I didn't have to close my eyes and imagine feeling it for eternity but knowing that it is eternal in the light of our God. I am a Mormon because at the end of the year 2010 I walked into a fountain of water and was fully submerged & baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon & I choose to follow the Gospel because not one time had the Gospel not blessed my life. I've read the Book of Mormon and not one time had it not answered my questions. I am a Mormon because I don't believe that God has restored the true church back on Earth, I know it. I know he has restored his one true church through our prophet Joseph Smith & is continually building his kingdom through the help of our modern prophet & angels around the world--sharing the truth to His children. I love being a Mormon and I am a Mormon because this is who & where my ginormous family is. 

How I live my faith

 I live my faith each day by continually learning and growing with my spiritual brothers & sisters. Daily scripture studies and prayers are the most important tools that had helped me to grow & to be firm in my faith. I received a calling to perform missionary work within my ward giving me the opportunity to not only teach others but to also learn from them. I live my faith by following the example of my Lord Jesus Christ & having a solid hope that I can be a reflection of his greatness to my family. I love my God & my Lord Jesus Christ without a doubt in my mind but with a knowledge guided by the Holy Spirit that He lives.  

What is faith?

Faith is "not to have a perfect knowledge of things, therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true". I like to compare my faith to the wind. How do we know that the wind is there if we cannot see it? That is because we can feel it. Sometimes we can feel it slightly brushing by but sometimes we can also feel its presence so strong! I'm not asking for a beautiful miracle to occur to let me know that God and my savior Jesus Christ is there because just like the wind I can feel it when he is watching over my family, friends & I and I can feel his blessings pouring into my life when I'm smiling, crying and overcoming my fears! This tells me that its true and that he lives forever! Therefore these things that I hope for are true! Show more Show less