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Hi I'm Janel.

I'm going to college and hope to be a photographer, I love words, and I'm a Latter-Day Saint.

About Me

I'm a high school graduate, and I hope to attend a college for photography, and then creative writing. I love photography, writing, music, and participating in choir. I love to spend time in the city, where I can take in all of the wonderful sights and sounds. I could spend all day on photoshop editing photos or just playing around. I'd like to think of myself as an observer of humankind, and I contemplate human nature and behavior, as well as this life that we're living and what the world's about. You might say that I'm a thinker with a vivid imagination. I'm a bit of a sponge for information, soaking up knowledge that I come across. I'm fascinated by science, psychology, sociology, technology, and nature, and I love to make connections from one part of my life to another -- that's how I can remember so much!

Why I am a Mormon

I was what you'd call "born under the covenant," or under the bonds of my parents' marriage in the temple. I have lived in a Mormon family all of my life, and I continue to live the gospel because despite what I have found about other religions or lifestyles, nothing has made as much sense or stood up to as much inquiry as my own religion. Deductive reasoning is a huge part of how I think. I have met others with very different ways of life, and I continually examine my own thought process and perspective. Again and again I look at our doctrine, and I know that it's inspired by the Lord. Simply put, there is no better religion for me out there.

How I live my faith

I take everything one step at a time, "line upon line, precept upon precept". The covenants I make are between me and God, and that is the same for everyone else. Their covenants are their business; all I need to worry about is myself. Daily habits of a mormon, like scripture study and prayer, make ALL the difference. I would be nowhere without keeping those habits strong, because they influence my entire day and how I think and act. I'm a better person because of those activities. I'm currently without a calling, and it's probably for the best as I switch from attending a family ward with my parents to a young single adult branch as a college student. I'm excited to interact in a completely new environment as I prepare to eventually find an eternal companion who will take me to the temple. Right now, I'm trying to be the righteous person I want in a spouse.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

I like this question. I've never been asked it before, but I can see why there would be some confusion. Joseph Smith did not write the Book of Mormon. He found and translated ancient plates, the location of which was shown to him by an angel. He translated them by means of revelation and use of other materials that he found with the plates. The Book of Mormon is a culmination of many accounts of generations of people that lived on the American continent, starting with the exodus of a family from Jerusalem to the Americas. The plates were passed from generation to generation and a history of the peoples there was recorded, and the amount of plates grew as time passed. Mormon, a man who kept the plates and contributed to the record, was commanded by God to make a second set of plates that were an abridgment of the entire set that he had in his possession. This abridgment was focused on the testimony of Jesus Christ, and it is indeed a true second witness to the Bible about Christ, His divinity, and the gospel. Show more Show less