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Hi I'm Randy

I like the nickname Mormon, but really I am a Citizen Christian Soldier.

About Me

I'm an entrepreneur that receives revelations from God I patent the gifts from Heaven. This process has happened twelve times now. I'm in an incubator in Reno, NV starting my new innovations business. This is nothing extraordinary all righteous Latter-Day Saints receive revelation. I want you to hear me; I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true and living Church upon the face of this Earth. I testify with every fiber of my being that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today. That Joseph Smith is the modern day prophet, seer, and revelator; he restored the fullness of the everlasting gospel back to the Earth once more for the last time before "He" our Savior Jesus Christ comes again.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a boy seventeen. My family vacationed every summer at Kamloops campground Lake Shasta. The summer of 1977, at Kamloops one morning I was sick an unable to go with the family water skiing. Left behind, I went to the public walk in refrigerator our family food was there. Pick some foods to eat, I grabbed the door handle pushing in a six inch shaft latch release mechanism. It broke that instant I was stuck. I tried to break the door down and failed. I remember as a child Father in Heaven answered my prayer. My Mom couldn't find the car keys, so I ask God to help me find the keys, and He did. So I knelt down and ask Father in Heaven to let me out. I was still stuck nothing I tried worked. I prayed again telling Father "if you don't let me out of here the Church is not true". You see I didn't have a testimony yet. I was born into the gospel, but I was living off other people testimonies. After the prayer, I tried everything as before to no avail but this time I found an ice pick. I tried to turn the Phillip screws on a plate holding the latch in place, but the screws where frozen tight in rust lock. It was cold inside the refrigerator paniced, stressed out, and fatigued I was a wreck. Tears flowed down my checks as I believed my life was coming to an end. I prayed asking Him to let me live I promised to go on a mission for the Church. I heard a voice "Go try again". I was able to get the Phillip screws out of the latch cover-plate with the ice pick and my fingers. I was out of the cooler. The Church is true. I testify this story is true. Some of those screws came out only with my fingers as the extraction tool. I know now just as I did then it really happened. God is love and He loves me too.

How I live my faith

I pray daily, morning, and night, I ask God to bless my food. I read a chapter from the scriptures daily. I place my life in His hands. I know He knows what is best for me. I accept the callings to serve in the Church knowing they came by revelation. I preform my duties to the best of my abilities. I never miss home teaching assignments. Sometimes you have to be creative to accomplish this task. I serve in the Temple weekly. I am obedient, I love the Lord. He is my Savior, my King, and my Friend. I am proud to be a member of His Church. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I know Father in Heaven loves me too. He hears an answers prayers.