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Hi I'm Fred Zirkle

I'm a business owner of protestant upbringing. I joined the Morman Church at age 33.

About Me

At age 65, I still advise businesses engaged in mergers and acquisitions in North America and China. My wife and I enjoy lots of family activities even though our we're spread around the globe. We've both experienced our challenges but go to bed grateful for so many blessings. Drafted by NFL football NY Jets long ago these knees only allow low-impact activities such as hiking and biking and white-water rafting. After bouncing in and out of various protestant churches I joined the Mormon Church at age 33. What a change! Finally, I learned my purpose on earth and resulting eternal possibilities. This knowledge brought better behavior plus more peace and happiness. Watching our children and grandchildren grow up embracing eternal truths makes everything worthwhile.

Why I am a Mormon

I’m a Mormon because here I found answers to long-held questions about our pre-mortal existence, the purpose of earthly life and our opportunities in the next life. The Bible now holds few mysteries and my testimony of Jesus Christ continues to grow as I study scriptures and try to live accordingly. My family and I are strengthened by fellow church members. None of our local parishioners receive monetary pay. But we all learn, grow and support one another as we strive to become better individuals and families. Every step I take by faith is rewarded by more knowledge and new insights. I love the security we receive by knowing the plan of salvation and accepting the atoning sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ.   

How I live my faith

My life after baptism at age 33 is less self-centered, less superficial and more meaningful and rewarding. I recognize, firmly stand for and defend correct principles. Yes, prayerful requests for wisdom and strength along the way are a must! Every evening, when I report back to Heavenly Father, I see where He has prompted me. He accepts my day even when my actions or thoughts fall short. He urges me to focus on my Savior, accept His grace and act more like Him. In addition to work and family events my time is spent in church activities. I also participate in community and professional organizations. God does not ask me to change my schedule he simply says “Take Me with you.”