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Hi I'm Christa

I'm a big sister, a university student, and I am happy. I'm a Latter-Day Saint.

About Me

I am the oldest child in a family of eight. I love my family, and I love the Lord. I am almost finished with a bachelors degree in Statistics. My schooling is currently on hold because I am serving as a full-time LDS missionary in the Northeastern United States. I enjoy music, cooking, and sports.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because the doctrine taught in this church feels true and makes me happy. When I read the scriptures or hear others teach, I know that I am a spirit daughter of God, that my Heavenly Father loves me and hears my prayers, and that because of Jesus Christ, I can be cleansed of my sins and live with Him again. That knowledge gives me the strength to do hard things, make good decisions, and to be happy regardless of my circumstance. I am grateful to be led by a modern-day prophet. Just as He has done in the past, our Heavenly Father leads his children today with a prophet and has restored to authority to make important promises with Him. The blessings that have come into my life from making these covenants with God give me more happiness, comfort, and security than I could ever have if I were unwilling to follow Him. He is waiting to bless us, but will not force Himself into our lives by drawing near unto us until we first choose to draw near unto Him. My participation in the Mormon Church has drawn me nearer to Him than any other path I could take.

How I live my faith

I read the scriptures and pray every day because I know that my Father in Heaven cares about me as His daughter, and He hears and answers me. I attend church services and the temple regularly to learn and to make and renew promises to follow Jesus Christ. I try to live a Christian life the best I can by serving other people and acting on what I feel is the Lord's will for me. I feel that I have been very blessed to know that I can change when I make mistakes and that I can find happiness every day because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for me. My relationship with Him is strengthed as I read the Book of Mormon and listen to His words, given through modern prophets. I am serving as a missionary because I want to share the joy, hope, and peace that I have found through Christ and His restored gospel with those who are seeking it.

Who founded Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Throughout the history of the world, God has provided His people with a prophet to lead them and to help them to know how to best follow Him. These prophets were given authority from God to act in His name, to help the people on Earth to make the covenants (promises) with Him that would bring them happiness in this live and salvation in the life to come. When the people became wicked and rejected these prophets, God removed them and His authority from the Earth for a time, but He always reached out in love by restoring prophets and the fulness of the gospel when His children were ready to accept it. This pattern was followed for thousands of years, as prophets such as Adam, Moses, Noah, and Abraham led the children of God. Jesus Christ was the greatest prophet of all. Not only was He a prophet, He was the literal Son of God. He was baptized to fulfill all righteousness, lived a perfect life, and gave His life to atone for the sins of all who would ever live upon the Earth. He also established His church, and gave apostles the authority that always comes with prophets. When He and His apostles were rejected, the fulness of the gospel was again taken from the Earth. In the pattern He has always followed, God called a new prophet named Joseph Smith in the modern world to restore the church as Jesus Christ had established it. He gave Joseph the authority to act in His name. Jesus Christ is the founder of His church, restored through Joseph in the "latter days." Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Missionaries are lucky because we get to talk to people every day about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. There is no happier or more hopeful message. A missionary's #1 goal is to help others learn more about how to come closer to Jesus Christ, so they can choose for themselves what to do. Missionaries teach that God loves us because we are His children. He has a plan for us, and that plan has been revealed through both ancient and modern prophets. We have a prophet today who teaches the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. Through Jesus Christ and His gospel we can find happiness and peace and this life, and we can live again with our families and with God. Show more Show less