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Hi I'm Mona

I'm from Massachusetts, but I've lived in NC, UT, CA, KY, TN, NM & OH! I'm blessed with 4 children & a great life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm an introvert, so my favorite things are the quiet and simple things of life: being home with my family, reading a good book, listening to music or working around my home. I really enjoy doing genealogy; it's like an exciting scavenger hunt! Words are important and exciting to me, too. I love to write! Some of the words that describe my life or have relevance to my life at various points in time are Catholic, single, married, convert, divorced, mother, Army wife, bankrupt, foreclosed and depressed. I've been working as a legal assistant for many years, except when my children were young. I work for two attorneys right now and have a very busy work day! I've lived all over the United States but have finally settled down.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I love it! Two young missionaries knocked on my door on a rainy evening, and we let them in. I stayed in the kitchen. When they came the 2nd time, they talked about the purpose of life; Mormons call it the "Plan of Salvation". I left the kitchen and went in the living room to sit down. Then they asked me if I would read the Book of Mormon. I did. I couldn't stop reading it. It spoke to my heart; it felt so good! Then they asked me if I would pray. I did. I remember how strange it felt. I had prayed before, but never as if I was actually taking to God! The sweetest part was that He answered me; I felt Him! I felt His love for me. Some people say that Mormons aren't Christians, but for me the Book of Mormon made Christ real in my life and brought the power of his love and redemption into my heart. I truly became a Christian when I became a Mormon.

How I live my faith

My life has not been easy, and I am so grateful to have faith to live by. I think one way I have lived my faith is by not giving up. In my 20's my first husband came home one day and announced he didn't want to be married anymore. Nothing I said or did changed his mind. So I spent my 20's with much older friends from my local church, rather than my same-age co-workers who preferred to go to bars to hang out. These "older" friends became very dear to me. We went on trips to local church historical sites, spent Monday nights together for "Family Home Evening" having lessons or activities and did a lot of service together. I remarried in my 30's and had four children, three girls and one boy! Those years had their own challenges. My husband was in the Army Special Forces and was gone a great deal of the time. We had no family nearby. Despite the challenges, we had a good life, raising our children and participating in church activities and service. Sadly, my husband and I divorced after some excruciating trials and he took his own life one year later. My children and I are still recovering. It was during this time that I really came to understand a lot more about faith and how difficult it can be to truly "look to the Savior" and not let the myriad of painful thorns become our focus. Jesus said to love one another and to forgive. That is what I strived to do, and with many prayers, God blessed me to let go of the pain and to not let go of my faith. It was one of the greatest blessings of my life. Many years have now passed, and I am married again. I refuse to stop loving; I refuse to give up! I live my faith today by loving and supporting my family, by being an example and by persuading them to do what is right. I live my faith by being a leader over the children at church. I love to teach them about faith, love, service, righteousness and all the godly attributes we seek after. My life is full, and I thank God for this life!