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Hi I'm Adam

I'm from Mesa, AZ. I am the youngest of 5 children. I am firmly attached to Jesus Christ and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 25 years old, I grew up in the church, I love to have fun, and I love my family. Growing up in my family was definitely a struggle. We all had our problems and issues but the most important thing was family. We cared for each other, we loved each other, and we were always there for each other. It was something that the gospel helped to bring into our lives. The fact that no matter what happens, family is always family, and you always love them. As I grew up later on, I fell away from that for awhile. I had no drive or desire to do anything of any importance. School, work, family, all of it kind of just fell by the wayside. I didn't want to read my scriptures, go to church, or school, or to really do anything but just have fun and hang out. Yet through it all, I was never really happy. I was doing what I wanted but none of it brought lasting happiness. Then I decided to start doing things the Lord's way. I had been told that it brought happiness and peace and I believed that it did that for other people but not for me. However, I started to do the things that missionaries ask people to do everyday. Read scriptures, go to church, pray, and apply what you learn. It was a great experience and I slowly began to change. I began to know who Christ is and understand His role in my life. Since then, everything has changed, and nothing has ever been the same. It wasn't easy and it all didn't come at once but it was, oh so, worth it.

Why I am a Mormon

My best friend once told me that regardless of whether you are born into the church or not every member is a convert. I understood that to be true because even if we are born into the church there comes a point when we have to decide if this gospel is true or not. Really, if we want answers to our lives than God is really the only one that we can go to. We say that we have a prophet on the earth today in Pres. Thomas S. Monson, just as important as Moses or Noah. We say that there is more scripture in the Book of Mormon, that the priesthood of God or the power to act in His name is back. The same power that has existed throughout the Bible in the Old Testament and in the New. It is either one or the other, either we are 100 percent correct or we are 100 percent wrong. I decided that these things needed to be tested to see if they are true. So through my own personal prayer the Holy Ghost testified to me that this church is true. More importantly this gospel has invited me to truly know who my Savior is and has brought me closer to Him than any other time in my life. I am Mormon because the doctrine makes sense to me and I know that we accept the Bible as a whole not in bits or pieces but everything that it has to offer. I am Mormon because my answer came from God and not from man and nothing can ever take that answer away from me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing the things that Jesus wants me to do. I live my faith by following His example and trying to be more loving and more like him in every-way. I live my faith by serving a mission and giving up 2 years of my life to labor in the Oregon Portland Mission. It may seem like a hard thing but the happiness and blessings that I have received from serving will supersede all the other things that I could have obtained in that time. Besides, it is what I know is right and it's what I want to do and it brings the most joy, than I could ever find. I try hard each day to be better today than I was yesterday. I live my faith by doing the small things because I know, "that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" Alma 37 6 I know that by having charity or a pure love of Christ for people and desiring the best things that I will be happy. I live my faith by doing the will of God because He knows me better than I know myself. And He knows the things that will bring happiness and peace and comfort and the things that will only imitate that and afterwards fail. I live my faith by doing the best that I can and trying to enjoy life in doing so. I show my faith by following His will, even when I don't know for certain what will happen in the end. We trust God and then we act on the knowledge that we have and always keep pushing forward. We change everyday, regardless of whether we want to or not, ask, are we changing for the better or for the worse?