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Hi I'm Jonathan

I'm a Missionary!!!! I LOVE singing, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hey everyone!!!! My name is Elder Escobar XD! I'm a missionary right now serving in the Fresno California Mission and i LOVE IT!!! I've been a Mormon since like, February of 2006 ^_^. I'm 21!! lol, and I love singing! I really love music, and singing especially. I love any type. It's been pretty hard to let go of it for 2 years but it's worth it.... for now lol! I also love video games. My favorites are Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. And of course i love watching movies. I enjoy just being happy and living life to the fullest, even though everything around me might be a total disaster! i don't let it bring me down well, at least i try not to let it lol. I'm really outgoing and love just having a good vibe all the time. I think that's what i really love about the gospel, it makes it so easy to have a good time all the time XD

Why I am a Mormon

Ummm, why am I a Mormon??? Well, lol I guess it all started with those guys in white (which now I am XD lol). They knocked on the door, i ran to my room, my sister answered and that's where it all began! Life before that point was kinda hectic for my family. My mom's been a Mormon since she was 12, but after her and my dad got married that kinda faded away. Life was fun. We had always been a close family, but temptation has a way of ruining happy times. My parents started arguing. My dad started drinking more, you know, a "weekend drinker"; you know how those are lol. And problems arose. That's where life got to an all time low, well, I did skip a couple things lol. Then, the rise began with those two young men that knocked on the door. After that, everything's been just amazing! Every day now is just another happy one, especially now in my mission. Well, I mean sure, I have some rough days, but never anymore like before. I truly am blessed to have a much closer relationship with my Father in heaven and with my Savior. They have been the ones that have brought me through all my hardships. And I thank the restored gospel, for it was through these principles and teachings that i was able to draw closer to them, that is why I'm a Mormon!

How I live my faith

Hmm, this is a toughy lol, but I guess the way I live my faith is just by trying to better myself every day and help others better themselves too. Christ said that we must love others just as He's loved us. Charity truly is the greatest gift we can give any and have. I try my best to help others as much as I can. There's still so much more I can improve on, but I try my best to just serve. I love helping people. Just helping someone smile on a bad day is like one of the greatest joys. One word can make a difference, so I try to make sure I never do or say anything that will make anyone feel down. I guess i just try to make the world a little better, well, just as best as I can lol.

What is being a Mormon like?

It's AWESOME!!!! I really think it changes you but just to be better. We're like any other person though. We have 2 legs and 2 arms and a heart lol. So i don't understand why people run away from me when I approach them =/. Maybe it's because of the way I look lol. But really, we just try to live life to make our Heavenly Father happy and make ourselves and families happy and the world around us. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

This is a question I have asked myself many times. How can I know my Heavenly Father, or if He even exists? The answer isn't really like one specific thing, well, at least not for me lol. It was through a series of things. I began by reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I learned what God had done for those people that I read about. How they described Him, the miracles He did for those who believed, and the love that he had. I then read a promise in the Book of Mormon and Bible that said ask God for anything you don't know, and he shall answer you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be opened. And I said, well, if there is a God, let me find out, and I prayed. My advice to everyone is, truly pray and read, and you'll come to know that you are a child of a most wonderful loving Father. I know He exists, and I know He loves us. He has let me know this over and over again, and He'll let anyone know, if we just ask in faith XD! Show more Show less

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

The first thing to note is that in the eyes of God, men and women are both equal, but they have different roles in life. Men are simply designated by God to hold the priesthood when they are worthy. Women have a different role. The same way men weren't chosen to bear children, is the same way women weren't chosen to have the priesthood. Yet women are such an important role in the Church. They are the stability of the ward. When help is required, women are usually the head of it, as the Relief Society. Without the women of the Church, things just wouldn't function right with just men. Beleive me, we men just can't get things right without them lol. It's like they say, behind every great man is a great woman! Show more Show less