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Hi I'm Thalia

I'm a Muse, a Wife, a Mother of three teens, and a free-spirited small business owner!

About Me

There isn't a neat and tidy way to sum me up! But, it is what it is. I'm a firm believer in purpose. I desperately seek it in everything I do. I am a Mom (which is amazing!), and I'm a Wife - going on 20 years this year. I enjoy studying quantum physics, creating graphic art, gardening (especially roses), I've been singing since I was 11 years old and have had the privilege of performing over the years with jazz bands, big bands, orchestras, and in other ways here and there, I consider myself a mediocre pianist and organist, (yet, in spite of my flubbing up on a regular basis they let me accompany our congregation every Sunday), I'm a bit of a philosopher, a Kundalini Yoga advocate and yogi, a color & energy systems profiling junkie - among other things. But, my absolute favorite thing of all, after my faith and my family, is being an Identity explorer and self-worth defender. I believe every one should KNOW who they are as an individual and have a life's purpose they connect with on a spiritual level; not be clumped and categorized together with others. It is my passion, my prayer, and my life's purpose to help all of God's amazing children see and live their potential! I love what I do!

Why I am a Mormon

It just makes sense to me. So many things on this rock called Earth are confusing and frustrating, but a loving Father in Heaven who wants to raise his children to be like himself makes sense. I feel I am asked to swallow so much stuff and fluff that doesn't make sense as I try to solve the riddle of how to survive and understand life. But, having a plan of happiness to spell out all of the reasoning behind the struggles, temptations, pain, stupidity and even joy is imperative to me. I haven't always felt this way. There have definitely been times of loneliness and feelings of helpless uncertainty, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is a rock I've been able to anchor my soul to through my most difficult moments when I was being tossed by bad choices, family struggles and even bad hair days. But, I have felt the Lord's presence by my side, even when I wouldn't acknowledge Him being there. He is patient, kind and loving, but most of all forgiving of my never ending faults. The Book of Mormon is my lifeline, and the prophets in it are my friends. I feel lonely and sad when I get to the final words and farewell at the end every time I read it, even though I can open its pages and start again. I love the Bible and grew up on its stories of Christ and Faith. Both have been with me through my darkest trials, with words of encouragement and wisdom, helping me to feel God's love and hear the voice of his Spirit again. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my membership in His church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith like most people, with difficulty at times and with great joy at others! I wake up when my alarm goes off on Sunday morning and get out of bed, get dressed and drive with my family to church (often, a feat to be celebrated). I go to my meetings, do my church callings, read the scriptures and pray, attempt to have Family Home Evening every week, pay tithing, etc. It's definitely about the doing. Sometimes, I don't want to do, but that's where my faith has to step in and give me the nudge and reminder that I'd regret my laziness later. The beauty of living the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has given us is this, after being faithful at the doing your heart opens up and the joy floods in and replaces the often monotonous doing with this amazing feeling of love and joy! Then the doing becomes an eternal pursuit of happiness for you and others. At these moments, I can see the beauty of Zion and the joy of living in such a marvelous environment surrounded by others who feel as I do, happy to give and to receive. I can see long term satisfaction and fulfillment, and the great joy that comes from just doing the right thing. These moments help my faith to grow, and although they last only as long as my faithfulness to keep doing, I've found that ability to do grows with my faithful effort, and that is a wonderful thing. We are all beggars at the feet of Christ, but my hope in doing is that I will move from a beggar to his faithful servant and friend.

What is faith?

To me, faith is feeling or believing something is true and then taking action to physically live and embody that truth; or to create a physical form of that truth regardless of evidence, proof, or appearances to the contrary. It is trust. It is power. It is a compelling force. It inspires and produces results! Faith IN something or someone means that you trust the "source" and the "truth" that is being offered by that something or someone. For example, when we plant a garden we have faith that each seed we plant will grow and produce the fruit of that plant. We have faith that the "source", or the seed, will produce the result we believe to be right if we plant it, water it, and nurture its growth process. We also believe the "truth" about the seed, that it has the potential to become the same plant it was plucked from. Faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ, is trust that he is both the source of truth, and the one who can reveal to us what is true. Faith in Him compels us to live eternal principles and reach for and fulfill our own unique purposes and, like the seed, embody our own embryonic potential; which, in the end, will fulfill our Eternal Father's purpose to "...bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". It teaches us how to repent and change from selfish, survival based humans, to eternal beings of light and truth. To grow, like the seed, into what we were meant to become. Faith is a verb, or an action word! It is a creative power, and compelling force! Show more Show less