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Hi I'm Jordan

I grew up in St. George Utah, i love serving the lord. im a mormon.

About Me

I have been raised in the gospel all my life, and have been blessed to know the things that personally can help me to be my best self. like many others i have had my challenges, but because my faith in jesus christ and his teachings i have overcome many of those challenges and continue to do so daily. when i was 18 i broke my back snow Boarding and still have pain to this day, it is something that will probably effect me for the rest of my life, but i know that through faith in christ and living the gospel i will still have that great joy that is promised to me in the scriptures. It all comes down to how you react to what you have in front of you. If you take it as a negative stumbling block then thats what it'll be, but if you use it as something to stand on top of and make your character stronger and better then you will be an inspiration to others, im not trying to toot my own horn or anything like that, i simply believe that as we have faith we can be blessed to overcome those trials, I know that its a struggle daily and that it sometimes feels like theres no real help, but know there always is, I know there is, and thats why instead of telling about myself im telling you what I believe, because it tells more about me than anything. Things can be hard but as we follow those simple steps of reading our scriptures, praying, and going to church, and really doing them constantly, we will know our lords will for us and that will give us the strength to overcome anything.

Why I am a Mormon

The best way that i can tell you why i have chosen to live my religion and continue in that faith that i was raised in is not because some amazing vision that made me make up my mind about what i believe in, but it was those simple testimonies that built me up to who i am today. A short and sweet example of how i first realized the power of our father's priesthood and how it has been restored on the earth again and that he truely looks after us in all of our afflictions was when i came down with the worst fever i've ever had, i was about 17 at the time and was up in pine valley mountain with a friend, i suddenly felt horrible and was going to spend the night up there but i couldn't stay any longer, i started home and almost passed out while driving several times, but after a long drive i made it home to find no one at home, i was hoping my parents could take me to the hospital to see what it was, but they weren't home and wouldn't be until that evening. I called them and told them what was going on and they told me to wait for them to get home so i could recieve a blessing with the priesthood. I waited until they got home to recieve a blessing and by that time my fever had spiked up to 105 degrees and was still rising, my mom freaked when she took it, and wanted to go to the hospital, but my dad reassured her that it would be alright, he calmly gave me a blessing of healing with the laying on of hands and i felt my fever brake in the middle of the blessing, i got up when it was finished and was completely healed of whatever sickness I had. I know that the lord has restored his church on the earth with all of his teachings and especially with the authority to act in the name of Jesus Christ to heal the sick and help us with any trial. Just like when Christ established his church and did many miracles through the Father's power so are we able to do miracles in Christ's name as we are given that same authority in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth.

How I live my faith

How i try to live my faith is to be an example to others at all times, its sometimes hard, but i try and keep those things of god in my mind at all times and remember how i should live by reading my scriptures, praying, and going to church. when i do these simple things i feel like i have the spirit guiding me constantly. When I strive to have the spirit of god with me it helps me to see what i do need to change and how I should act when there are temptations in front of me. As i try to keep the lord close to me in all that i do he helps me to understand better the things that i need to do in my life to become my best self and to help others do the same. when I try to do my best in everything i do, i know that the lord is pleased with me and i know that my example speaks much louder than anything i could say, although it is necessary at times to open your mouth to testify of what you believe in, when you live it, it shows people the change in your heart it has made. That change comes from a true conversion and knowledge that your lord Jesus Christ is the perfect example and the literal son of god and died for our sins. How i really live my faith, is simply trying to do as Jesus would at all times and places.