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Hi I'm George Thomas

I am a father and a husband. I am a social worker and a wilderness lover. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I am married with three children. I am from Bremerton Washington but I currently live in Minnesota. I am a children's mental health social worker, but I have recently gone back to graduate school to pursue a degree in sociology and explore other career opportunities. I am an avid outdoorsman and I love to spend time in the mountains. I love history and I collect presidential biographies.   

Why I am a Mormon

 Shortly after graduating high school in Bremerton Washington where I was born and raised, I made a drastic change in my life and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I had intended to become a minister in the protestant faith in which I was raised and I had begun the steps to do just that. In this process, I began to question tenants of my faith that were not congruent with the Bible. I also found that my faith could not completely answer the questions that I had about biblical records and doctrines. I had a friend outside my church that I felt comfortable having conversations about religion with. I found what this friend believed made perfect sense and more importantly it made sense in light of biblical teachings and doctrine. Later I found that she was a Mormon. I was confused because I was always taught that Mormons were not Christians, that they were a cult and many other horrible and inflammatory things. I decided to investigate further because I had these two dichotomous sources of information about the church. Upon further investigation, I found that the “Mormon” faith provided answers to all the questions that I had that my own ministers could not answer. I also found that the organization of the church was exactly as Christ had originally designed in the New Testament. But most important, I found that the Spirit bore witness to my spirit that the things I learned were true. The scriptures prove that the church is true in an intellectual sense, but more important was that I was asked to seek my own witness and not just blindly trust or follow the missionaries who were teaching me. As those who listened to Peter in the book of Acts stated, I was “pricked in my heart” and I also said “what shall I do?” I forsook all and I joined the church and gave up my pending ministerial career, all of my friends, and much of my family. I had found the “pearl of great price” and I forsook my metaphorical net and followed the savior. Now 25 or so years later, I remain the only member in my family, but I am closer to my family now than ever. My life was not made any easier by my joining the church, but I have been blessed as I have taken the Savior’s yoke upon me. He helps me carry burdens that come to all of us just by living life. I have a purpose in life and an understanding of his plan for me. I would not trade those blessings for any ease that the world could ever offer.   

How I live my faith

 In the church congregation or ward in which I know serve, I am a financial clerk. One great thing about the church that I appreciate is that like the original apostles, there is no paid minister. Everyone has the opportunity to serve. Over the years I have been a leader of our men’s groups, I have taught in our children’s church or what we call primary, I have taught various Sunday School classes, I have been a leader of the teen youth, and I have been a music leader- just to name a few. The greatest or most important calling however is as a father and husband. While we serve in the church, nothing is more important that our own families.