Angilau: Tongan, Mesa Arizon, Salt Lake City Utah, Houston Texas, Pacific Islander, Missionary, Mormon.

Hi I'm Angilau

About Me

I am the oldest of four, Like Nephi.. a Book of Mormon Prophet.. I was born of goodly parents that knew the way, showed the way and helped me ''go'' the way. I love to laugh and iLOVE the people of Houston Texas!

Why I am a Mormon

The whole world is looking for something that only this gospel has, that is "peace". Peace in knowing where you came from, your purpose here on earth and where you'll go after this life. Peace, that you WILL be with your family forever. It's "peace" that you can find out for yourself if this church is true. This is why I am a Mormon because I know that the Lord directs this church, that it is the true and living chuch of the ture and living Christ.

How I live my faith

Ngaue ai malohi! Which means "work til the end" I live my faith by my example.. I constantly have to remind myself what I've been taught by my family and leaders. My favorite word is "REMEMBER"! The times I fall are the times I 'forget' who I AM & what I've been taught. I FORGET the manny blessings that Heavenly Father gives me. It is by "remembering" Jesus Christ, the feelings i receive from the spirit and "remembering" the lessons of lifes experience that help me live my faith.