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Hi I'm Rob!

Im a military Brat, who now serves in the Air Force, im an aircraft mechanic a single parent and im a Mormon!

About Me

Im a 23 year old Aircraft mechanic. Im a sinlge parent and im in the United States Air Force....I love my Job and i Love my son so i do what i ahve to do to take care of him. Ive never been a very religious person, well that is before the missionaries found me. Now, that i have The Book of Mormon and this church and the light of our saviour Jesus Christ in my life i am a VERY religious person! Oh ya and i love to lift weights!

Why I am a Mormon

I was in an extremely dark place in my life, I was extremely unhappy and had no clue where my life was going. So I’m washing my dishes and I hear a knock at the door, It was 2 missionaries. They asked me if someone lived there that didnt and I told them No. So then he asked me if I wanted a Book of Mormon and I refused, afterwhich I sent them on their way, not thinking twice about it, until I shut the door. Imediatley I was OVERWHELMED with a feeling like I had done something seriously wrong. I had no idea why. As I scrambled to figure out why I felt that way I IMEDIATLEY thought about something one of my old buddies use to tell me "The Lord is only going to knock so many times man, the he is going to shake the dust off his shoes and move on". I knew at that moment what i had done. I ran outside and they were gone....the feeling got worse. So I walked inside and put my hands on the sink and I prayed and said "God, if your real please send them back if you sent them in the first place...I NEED someone to talk to...I need you if your real, I can’t do this alone and I’m tired god....I’m so tired." When I got done praying I started walking towards my stairwell and before my foot even touched the first step I hear a knock at the door, I opened the door and the missionaries were standing there with a Book of Mormon and he said "JUST TAKE IT!" I was STUNNED. I teared up and invited them in. Immediately I felt an IMMENSE amount of love, and peace surround me. It didn’t even feel like the same house. I was HAPPY, For the first time in a looooooong time. I took the Book of Mormon TORE it apart! (Studied it) I received a witness over and over and over and over from the spirit of its divinity. That same Peace, Love, Joy and sense of worth I was over runned with when the missionaries first entered my house I feel every time I pick it up. Ever since that night my life has drawn closer and closer to Heavenly Father and my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by following Christ! Im still a man and my life has come A LOOONG way since my conversion so i stumble here and there but thats whats so great about the redeeming power of Christ! He lifts us up when we hit rock bottom! I stay involved with my new family (the Church) and try and magnify my calling with TONS of help from the Lord! Something i Love about this church and the people is the devotion to the Lord that they have....its extremely inspiring and coupled with the bold message we proclaim it only makes sense! A true follower of Christ listens and OBEY's commandments....we dont take Christ's words lightly and because of that the blessings that Heavenly Father gives to us are amazing! NOT THAT NOONE ELSE DOES! I love and cherish all men and women that rejoice and preach of Jesus Christ, and so does he! "For he that is not against us is in our part." Mark 9:40

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

He is the LITERAL LIVING SON OF GOD! He suffered and died for our sins and because of him we can all stand spotless before Heavenly Father at the last day! We LOVE our saviour and thanks him every day for his attoneing sacrafice! We follow his commandments and stay in his light! We believe with all our hearts that he IS the son of God. He was born of a virgin mother and spent his entire life ministering to others and teaching us how to return to Heavenly Father! He showed us so much love and taught us how to live our lives righteously! Show more Show less