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Hi I'm Joshua Crandall

Born in Orem, Utah. Grew up in Texas. Was a marine for 4 1/2 years after my mission.

About Me

Currently I'm enrolled in college and am working on my degree in computer science. On April 20th, 2011 I was released from active service with an honorable discharge after having completed four and a half years in the United States Marine Corps infantry. I went on three deployments while in, two were combat deployments. One was to Iraq and the other was to Afghanistan. I have seen and faced a large number of challenges in my lifetime, but along with that I have seen God's power in my life. The fact that I am alive today shows that God is watching over me despite my stubbornness. So that's just where I am today. There really is much more to my story, but my fingers would fall of before I was able to type it all. So for now this small excerpt will suffice.

Why I am a Mormon

 I am a Mormon because I know that what this church says about itself is absolutely 100 percent true. Does the sun rise in the East and set in the West? Yes. It doesn't matter what people say or believe, that fact will remain true. Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Christ's one and only true church. Yes, absolutely. That's why I'm in it, and that is the only reason I remain in this church, anyone else who attempts to join this church without already knowing this for themselves will not likely last long. I see it all the time. New converts facing challenges before they even join, the only thing that gets them through is the knowledge they have, that I have as well. That this is the true church. I challenge all who read this message, and have a desire to know God's truth to consider for themselves what I've said. Look into this church with an open mind, putting aside lies and prejudices perpetrated by those who hate us, and most importantly asking God himself what he thinks about our church. We are the only church in the world that does not need to worry about what God will testify to others about our church, because we know God will always testify, to anyone who asks with sincerity, that this church is true. When looking into churches remember what the scriptures say. "By their fruits you shall know them..." What do the churches promise you when getting you to join? is it a promise that you don't have to change your lifestyle, or make any difficult sacrifices, is it a promise of welfare or money, is it a promise that you will receive salvation no matter what you do? Our church promises none of these things. Our church simply promises happiness to those who learn God's commandments and obey them. That true and real happiness is the fruit of our church, but not just our church, Christ's church, for he truly is the head and leader of our church. I conclude this testimony in the name of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I don't live my faith for others, or to fit in. I don't just live my faith on Sundays. My faith is integrated into my daily life. My faith is a big part of who I am, and anybody who gets to know me well enough is very aware of that.

Are Mormons Christians?

Joshua Crandall
This is a very personal subject to me. Especially since I meet people out in the world who will walk up to me, and tell me to my face that I am not Christian. My question to them is, who gave them the monopoly on Christianity. Who gave them the divine right to declare who is Christian, and who is not. Usually these individuals have responded with the argument "my pastor told me so..." Of course these are the same individuals who will accuse me, and other members of this church, of being blind followers. They accuse us of being blind followers, but their only foundation for what they believe is "my pastor told me so..." My questions to any individual reading this, who does not believe we are Christians, is this. Do you believe that because your pastor told you so? Is the true definition of Christian someone who follows Christ? Are your beliefs and principals based on what you have been told, or are they something you have come to know for yourself through scripture study and prayer? Most importantly, if you were to ask Christ himself if we were Christian, or true followers of him, what would he say? Don't say this is impossible either, Christ can communicate with us using the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less