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Hi I'm Joe Huston

I'm...eclectic. Along with a love for baseball, theater, and mountain biking, I play guitar, ride a unicycle, and I speak Chinese.

About Me

I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up playing baseball and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I love all sorts of good music, but I tend to gravitate to classic rock. I speak Cantonese. I did a year of school at BYU, and I'm majoring in chemical engineering. I currently live in Toronto, Canada, and I love it. The people here are awesome! So many different cultures and backgrounds! I love my family. They're really the most important part of my life. I also enjoy playing guitar and distance running. I ski, hike, mountain bike, and dabble in anything outdoors. There's nothing else that's really terribly special, I work as both a professional photographer and a stage manager, go to school, and do normal collegy stuff. It's a good life, and I love it!

Why I am a Mormon

Sure, growing up in Utah did facilitate my religious upbringing, but I learned the truth for myself. I'm a member of this church because I know it's right. I've prayed to know, and God has answered my prayers in detail. I've seen the power of the Priesthood exercised in my life, and I see the happiness that being a member of this church brings to my friends and family. I'm a Mormon because I want to be happy, so I'll do anything that helps me reach that goal. I also love the security that being a disciple of Christ brings into my life. There's nothing more comforting than knowing what is absolutely right, and then following through and doing what what is right. Being a member of the Church definitely brings me an incredible amount of happiness. I think, too, seeing the results of being a Mormon keeps me coming back for more, so to speak. I've managed to keep personal dignity and self respect, even when I was strongly encouraged to do things that would have undermined that integrity. I'm also just so much happier as I do the things I've found are right, and there's nothing wrong with being a Mormon. However, the greatest knowledge I've attained from being a Mormon is a knowledge of the true nature of God and Jesus Christ. They really do love us, and they actually want us to succeed in this life. By being a Mormon, I've found this to be true. I've found real purpose to this life, and I know that I can actually make it back to heaven, or living with my Father in Heaven for eternity. That's just too good to pass up, isn't it?

How I live my faith

I've had the opportunity to serve in many areas, most of them involving peer-leadership. I've been president of my group of young men when I was growing up. I've also been able to attend seminary in high school, and have just lived my life in a way that I would be worthy to serve a mission. I get a whole lot of joy from this gospel. Honestly, I've just followed the truths that I've found in the gospel of Christ and then let the consequences follow. I also firmly believe that I know very little about a lot of things, which, naturally, gives me ample opportunity to live by my faith. See, I have a firm trust in God. I believe that He loves me, He wants me to be successfull, and He cares for my happiness. I also believe firmly that His purpose is to refine me to be truly happy. As a result, I have full confidence that whatever I experience, whatever happens in my life, and however things go, it's all for my good. And if I slip up, goof up, or trip up, Jesus Christ's atonement allows me to get back on the path of happiness! That brings a lot of freedom. I know if I keep the commandments, I will learn. I will gain expeirence. I will be happy. And that doesn't mean I'm living in a bubble, either. There are plenty of experiences to be had and to be learned from within the bounds the Lord has set. It's like getting a free pass to have all the experiences you could ever need, with the world's largest eraser for cleaning up your mistakes.

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

Joe Huston
Very simply, we know that we can live with God again with immortal, perfect bodies. We know, too, that this is a real and attainable goal made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Every person on this earth can reach that goal, but there are conditions that do need to be met. To live with Him, Heavenly Father has required us to be clean, both physically and spiritually. He gives us commandments to help us stay clean, but we, as imperfect humans, often fall short and break these important, eternal life saving commandments. We all make mistakes in life; these mistakes make us unclean, impure, imperfect, and they disqualify us from reaching our goal of life with Father in Heaven. Christ's atoning sacrifice, however, has made it possible for us to become clean from these mistakes. The Savior, Jesus Christ, has promised that if we have faith in Him, repent and are baptized with proper authority, and keep his commandments, we will be forgiven for our mistakes, regardless of the depth or breadth of those sins. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we have the ability to choose a course of action in this life that leads us directly back into His presence and the presence of our Heavenly Father. And we can stay there for eternity with our families. Eternal life is real, it's attainable, and it is beyond the goodness and joy of anything we find on this earth. Who wouldn't want to do anything and everything to have a piece of that for themselves and their families? Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Joe Huston
Honestly, to gain greater faith in Christ, you have to live His teachings. Essentially, faith is confidence or abiding trust in a principle followed up with action. Whether that be a principle of physics, biology, chemistry, law, business, marketing, people skills, or anything else, faith is both the understanding of guiding principles and then the acting on them. In order to find truth through, say, the scientific method, you find a principle that may or may not be true. Then you put that principle to the test. Based on the results of the test, you draw conclusions as to the validity of the principle in question. Now, faith in Jesus Christ works on the exact same principle. We all start by doing research. Through studying the teachings of Jesus in the scriptures, we start to see the guiding principles He taught. Logically, if we're to trust Him and His teachings, we've got to find out if they're on the up and up. Therefore, we live them to test them out. Based on what we experience as we do so, we find if they're true principles or not. This initial experiment gives us a benchmark. It's lets us say, "I know it turned out good when I did this last time, so it should turn out good again now." As we continue to live the principles, we find out they're universally true. As we act and test our faith through real-life application, our faith is confirmed again and again, and again and again. It's self-reinforcing, and it makes perfect sense. Show more Show less