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Hi I'm Cayla

I'm a Convert Mormon.

About Me

 Im Cayla and im 19 years old. I live with my best friend and her family. I attend a Community College, Im working on general studies for now but eventually will go into Nursing. i was on a bowling league for 6 years, but had to take a break since I finished high school and dont have extra time or money. I am working as a Receptionist for one of the biggest Retirement Homes in my town. Before I started working for the Retirement Home in Aug, 2010 I worked at a Daycare for 2 years. Helping people with needs is a great opportunity that I love doing.

Why I am a Mormon

 I am Mormon because I choose to be. I am a convert by choice. I was attending singles ward for a few months and every meeting I had with the Missionaries the more they asked me about being baptised. I was sceptical each time and told them not yet. My friend was baptised in March, a few days after she was in a car accident. She was T-Boned by someone who wasnt paying attention to the road. The paramedics told her she was luck she didnt break her hip or worse. She is a skinny person, so that had some effect on how close to the door she was, but it was when I saw how much damage was do9ne to the car i knew it wasnt just her size that saved her. I knew Our Heavenly Father was watching over her. the next day she had been confirmed into the church. It was because of what happened to her that I made up my mind to be baptised. When they asked me at the next meeting if I woud I said yes and it was set for that following Saturday April 16th. I had 6 days between to prepare. When I told my parents they agreed to go and seemed excited. I met with other Missionaries and Church members sharing the joy. Saturday Morning the day of my Baptism my dad called me and asked me to come over so he could talk to me. I knew something was wrong but didnt expect what happened to happen. When I arrived both my mother and father sat down on the couch and started asking me questions about the church. When I began to answer I had this overwhelming feeling of anger, My father was reading off anti-mormon facts before I could finish answering each question. My mom started to do the same thing. i was so overwhelmed and upset that I didnt care about what they had to say. My father handed me a two page hand written letter with a list of anti-mormon facts and told me he was sorry they wouldnt be attending and that he would regret not going but he just couldnt find the strength to attend due to the fact that he was raised Catholic and my mom was Presparterianspelling?. I didnt say goodbye i just walked out the front door and sat in my car. I opened the letter and read the first two facts. I threw in in the passenger seat and started bawling. As I was driving back to my house I started yelling almost in a prayer to Our Heavenly Father asking why I always have to fight for what I want. I got home and walked inside, face red from cry and looked at my friend. I handed her the paper and tried to explain through sobs what happened that that my parents wouldnt be coming. Immediatly she called our friend who had just moved away to BYU for college. We sat on the phone for 45 mins talking about eveything on the list from my parents. Our friend asked what my feeling were and I explained that I was hurt and angry. I then set off to meet with my missionaries and get my baptism suit. They had no idea about what happened. When they arrived at the church they pulled up and jokely said "We had to cancel your baptism" I instantly started crying again. They looked terrified! After explaining the mornings event they called up one of the wise brother and sister of the gospel from our Church. I was greeted with open arms and a tissue box. We spent 2 hours going over the gospel, anti-mormon corrections and testimonies. When all tears were shed and done the important question was asked "Do you want to postpone your batism?" I looked at everyone in the room and with all seriousness said "I never doubted the Church, I was hurt by my parents choice to do this to me. I want to do this for me!"

How I live my faith

 Because of my work i have to work on Sundays, it is hard for me to attend Church because I have to work at 3-8pm and my ward starts at 1pm and ends at 400pm. I recently talked with my boss and am on a rotating schedual with the other receptionists so that we can all switch having Sundays off every other month. I listen to the Book of Mormon online as I go to sleep almost every night when I can. I have a prayer rock at the foot of my bed that my Missionaries brought me before they were transfered. It is a hugh rock! I painted it so that it says "Dont forget to pray"

What is the Book of Mormon?

 It is another Testimony that Our Heavenly Father that Joseph Smith translated Show more Show less