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Hi I'm Richard

I'm a son, brother, love life, think that anybody can go 'all the way', and I'm a Mormon

About Me

First things first, I have a very dry sense of humor. I feel kind of bad sometimes because I start laughing at a joke that I make or see, and nobody else does... Kind of awkward at times, but who cares what other people think. I'm the third of six kids, two older sisters and then sister, brother, sister after me. It was kind of hard growing up with 3 momswell one mom, but the two older sisters thought that being older made them mom, but I love them all. I was named after my dad, who has been a huge help to me little more about that further down I like to read, play sports, use computers, lounge around the house, hang out with friends, and just do normal stuff. I hope to go into the Computer Science field at some point because I find computers fascinating, and way too much fun to be able to pass up the chance to be able to get paid to make games.

Why I am a Mormon

Let’s see, why be a Mormon... Well, I was born into the church, was taken to church every week by my parents to learn about Jesus Christ and other good stuff, and it seemed while I was young to be the right place to be. As I grew older, I started to have questions, as everybody does, about whether God is there, about whether the church is what it claims to be, about whether or not the Book of Mormon is true. There is a scripture in the Book of Mormon where a missionary is teaching somebody who has no previous experience with god. The missionary invites the man to pray and to ask god if he is there. The man accepts his invitation and prays. He receives his answer in a very powerful way. I knew at that point that if I were to find out if this faith were true I would need to pray and ask myself. So I did. The experience that the man had wasn't re-enacted with me, but I did receive an answer from God that the Book of Mormon was his word and that He was there and really did care for ME. Not just my mom or dad, but for me personally, because he addressed me in a very personal way. In the introduction to the Book of Mormon, it reads that as we come to know that the Book is true, we can come to know by that same power that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God, that Joseph Smith is his prophet in these last days and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lords kingdom once again established on the earth preparatory to the Second Coming of the Messiah. I don't know about you but I want to be on the Lords side when he comes again so that I can live with my family forever. So that I can progress forever, so that I can be with God, my Eternal Heavenly Father, for all of time. That’s why I’m a Mormon

How I live my faith

Well, right now I am serving the Lord in Portland Oregon as a missionary. Before my mission, I tried to live my faith by finding the attributes of Jesus Christ, and then applying them into my own life. Thru scripture study and personal prayer, I have been able to change several things in my life so that I live more in harmony with God's will. I seek to follow the commandments as taught by the prophets and by Christ himself. I repent of my sins daily, always using the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to cleanse me from the mistakes that I have made. I guess the most important thing that I do is try and follow the promptings that the Holy Spirit gives me day by day, because that is how I am going to be able to do the most good to those around me.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

This is a question that I get a lot from people around me, and since I like to use analogies to answer questions, here's another analogy Imagine you're going to a event, like a basket-ball game. You can't just walk on in, you have to have a ticket. And it can't be a ticket for a base-ball game, or a movie, or just a random piece of paper that you found on the ground. It has to be a real ticket, or you won't be let inside to watch the game. Heaven is kind of like that, to quote from the scriptures "Unless a man is born of water and of the Spirit he can not enter into the kingdom of Heaven." John 3:5, so unless you are baptized, being born of water, and recive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, being born of the Sprit, you can't enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Baptism has to be done in the right way and with the right authority, or it's like somebody trying to get into that basketball game without the ticket. It's not going to happen. Period. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Well, I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Redeemer, I don’t know about you but that sounds like a Christian to me. To be less flippant, I do consider myself to be a very devote Christian. I try and follow Jesus Christ’s teachings as best I can, of course I am not perfect, but Jesus was the only perfect person ever on this earth, so while I am trying to do better I know that thru his sacrifice I can be made clean from my sins. So I would say yes, Mormons are Christians. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Well, one question that I've always had is why isn't their a God? The current rule of law states that we are innocent until proven guilty, so why can't I claim God is there until proven otherwise? And you can't disprove God, because so much of the 'proof' that there is a god is from personal testimonies or witnesses of manifestations of the Spirit or Holy Ghost, and you can never tell another person what that person is suppose to have felt. It's personal. Also there is the abundance of different kinds of life, all unique, and all working perfectly in its own sphere to create harmony. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

This is a very important question when in comes to my faith in the Church. Joseph Smith claims that he saw God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ in a grove of trees in the year 1820. In his account he describes two Heavenly Beings descending out of heaven and speaking to him. One of them calls him by name and tells him that the other is ‘My Beloved Son’ and to ‘Hear Him’. The other Being then talks to Joseph, informing him that all the current churches that are on the face of the earth are not the Church of Jesus Christ. This vision explains Joseph’s motivation for the rest of his life, for he would later endure being tarred and feathered, beaten, dragged from his home by night by mobs, and eventually martyred. Why else would somebody willingly go through all of that, when by denying it all he would have been left perfectly alone. Of course, logic can only play a part of one’s testimony, you still need to pray and ask God if he really did appear to Joseph Smith in that grove of trees like Joseph said that he did. I promise that God will answer yes to that question, but you still need to pray and ask for yourself. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

In court we have the chance to 'testify' of the things that we know to be true in relationship to whatever the court case may be about. That 'testifying' is our version of the events that have happened and our feelings about the subject. A testimony is that same 'testifying' execpt instead of being in a court of law, we are telling others what we know to be true. One can gain this testimony through prayer, studying the scriptures, and attending church. As you align your actions with God's Will, he will tell you through the Holy Ghost that you are doing the right thing. As you find that you are doing more and more things in the right way then God's Spirit will be able to tell you that you are moving in the right direction. A testimony is simply trying to explain the feelings that you recive from God through His Spirit to your spirit that something is true and that you are following His Will. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Lets look at it with an analogy, In school you have grade point averages. Everybody wants a 4.0 average, because it is the 'perfect' score. In order to be able to have this average, you have to score perfect on every single test. If you miss even one question, you will no longer have a 4.0, but rather a 3.9 or 3.9999999. Every question that you miss will make you average go down. God has given us commandments to live by. In order to be able to live with God after this life, we need to be perfect, for no un-clean thing can dwell in his presence. So if we look at the school analogy, everytime we sin, our 'grade point average' drops. And everybody sins. Maybe its just once, but one is the only time that is nessisary to keep you from God's presence. And we ourselfs have no way to make up the difference. No matter how good we do after we mess up, if we are just by ourselfs, we can never be perfect again. But God wants to be able to have us return to Him, so He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to save us from sin. That's why we call him our Savior, because He saves us from the law of justice with His mercy. He sacrificed Himself for us that we would not have to suffer is we will repent. That's where our part comes in, we have to be willing and act upon that willingness to let Christ wash our sins away. That's why we need a Savior Show more Show less

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

It depends on the Missionary. Some missionaries are able to work for a couple of years before their missions, and have been able to save up enough money to be able to pay for the two years of living expences by themselfs. Some don't have that chance, and so the local congercation that is in his/her home town helps out as well. All of the money goes into a giant pot and is divied out to missionaries all over the world. So that way if you are serving in Japan, you don't have to put a huge financial strain on your family or home congergation, and the missionaries that are serving in say Brazil which has a much lower living expences are able to help out the missionaries in Japan. Show more Show less