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Hi I'm Steve

I'm a husband, father, motorcycle trainer, businessman...and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I was born into the average 'nuclear' family of the sixties with a mum and a dad, a brother and a sister and lived in blissful innonence until around the age of 10. For reasons unknown to me at the time, my father took his own life just before I turned 11, leaving my mother with 3 young children, an unsecure future, and a broken heart. The next 5 or 6 years were deeply troubling for my entire family, leaving us all heading in our own directions with little of the loving connection that I remembered from my early youth. Just over 2 years later, I discovered a passion in life that would ultimately guide my future...motorcycles. Within 12 months of buying my first bike I found myself at a racetrack embarking on what I hoped would be a professional racing career. Unfortunately that never eventuated, so I embraced the old adage "those that can't do, teach", which as taken me around the globe teaching literally thousands of riders how to go faster and safer. Although I consider myself an extremely fortunate man to be able to do what I love as a job, my greatest joy comes from my family. I am blessed to have married my best friend and soulmate and together we have 3 wonderful children. My life experiences have shown me that no matter what situation you are born into, or you find yourself in as you grow up, you have the power to change everything and anything. If you want something in life, you simply have to make the choice and do it.

Why I am a Mormon

As with everyone I guess, my upbringing and experiences in my youth gave me some great lessons in life. Although not born a Mormon, or with any other religious belief, I had a strong sense of right and wrong from as early as I can remember. After a failed motorcycle racing career, and failed first marriage, I met this wonderful, vibrant and funny girl. Karen. She had been born a Mormon, but had not been active for most of her life. Over a period of months we began to have feelings for each other and what started out as friendship developed into attraction and eventually love. Although neither of us intended to forge a long lasting relationship, we found ourselves moving closer and closer together. During that time Karen decided that before she could commit to a relationship with me, she needed to be true to herself and really understand which direction in life was right for her. Through her own contemplation, she decided that she did indeed believe in Jesus Christ and needed to follow her own path first and foremost. If I wanted to join her then that was up to me. I was confused and annoyed. Here was this person that I had grown to love that was heading down a very distinct path that I didn't really understand. My only choice was to understand where she was heading and then decide for myself if that was the way I wanted to spend my life. Over the next few months of study, contemplation, analysis and prayer, I came to my own conclusion of the truthfulness of the gospel. Since then I have enjoyed the blessings of living a life in harmony with the Saviours teachings. Although we have had and continue to have many challenges, I know that Jesus Christ is right there beside me. Despite being challenged by many people over the years about how my joining of the church took place, I simply remind them that a truth is a truth, no matter how you arrive at it. And I cannot deny the truthfulness of the gospel.

How I live my faith

I have had the opportunity to serve in many areas within the church. With callings ranging from working with young men, the missionary program, Gospel Doctrine Sunday School Teacher as High Priest Group Leader and with young single adults, I have been blessed to be involved in many good works within the church. Outside of my church service, I always strive to live in a manner that is in line with gospel principles. Through my many business dealings and as the proprietor of my business, I always look for the right way to do all things. When staff, clients, sponsors and supporters all know that you are acting with absolute honesty and integrity, relationships and levels of trust are created that can last a lifetime. I also try through being an example and a voice of reason with my children. I hope that through the example of my faith in Jesus Christ I can help them find their own path of living the correct principles in this world.