Michael: Mormon.

Hi I'm Michael

About Me

 A small towm in Texas where I grew up. I was a Police officer in Oklahoma and also a deputy sheriff. for 10 or 15 years.

Why I am a Mormon

 Two sister Missionaries Hanks an Hansen chosed to knock on my door to offer me a book of Mormon.A officer I worked with said a man on drugs wrote the book of Mormon.I did not beleive him..I joined any way after I read the book. that was 2004. and I have been going to church every since.

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

 I had a Baptist preacher who would preach, that when a child was born that child was a sinner. I knew in my heart he was wrong. one time a preacher mixed politics and religion..I did not like it and told him so. He said it was his church. and he would preach that anytime he wanted. I knew I wanted something different. I felt like there was something else in my life. Just did not know what it was..I had bartist preachers in Texas, Oklahoma & Georgia

How has attending Church services helped you?

I had a Baptist Preacher that would preach. When a child was born that child was a sinner. deep in my heart I knew he was mistaken. how could that be true. the child in my opionion did nothing wrong.. one time he mixed politics and religion..I asked him to stop this pratice. Church was not a place for politics..he said he was the preacher and he would preach what he wanted. I was unhappy. I knew I was a spirit before I was born. I felt this. just did not know at the time I was a mormon..I was a spirit from heavenly father. and I did not know anything about the true church...but what great things were on their way. I am happy to be a Mormon..I love Temple..

How I live my faith

I am the Sunday school president..when I was working in pest control. I kept a pocket full of pass alongs cards.. every place I went I gave out a card..I probably gave out over 500 cards.Talk to everyone I know about the Temple.I told my land lord. she got married till death do you part. In the Temple lives can be forever.marriages . kids sealed forever.