Ralph.: Mormon.

Hi I'm Ralph.

About Me

 I am an MBA Graduate in Finance with a commercial real estate appraisers license. I like all outdoor adventures such as dirt bike and ATV riding, snowmobiling, and skiing. I also like taking walks in the woods, cutting cordwood, and making maple syrup. Unfortunately, I do not live in NH anymore but Southern California, but the weather is warm most of the year. I am a Father of two small children, one boy, and one girl, and I am married to my best friend and love her dearly. She is the perfect one for me.

Why I am a Mormon

 Although I have been a Mormon my whole life, I too had to be converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like many others, I had to read and ponder the scriptures, ask questions to get clarity, then ask God, in the name of Jesus Christ if what I was taught was true. The Holy Ghost, or a warm feeling in my heart which enlightened my mind, bore whitness to the truth of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith as a Prophet of God, that Jesus Christ is my personal saviour, and that God knows me individually and cares for me like any loving father does for his own son.

Personal Stories

What is hope and what do you hope for?

Hope is something that is not seen, but is still true. I hope for the return of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, to rid the world of evil. I hope for the opportunity to see my son, who died in childbirth, as a healthy boy in my arms. I hope for the safety of my two children from the evils of this world and from those who might harm them. I hope for the well-being of my small family, and that I can care for their needs. I hope for justice and fairness for all who have been wronged in this life. I know someday these hopes will eventuallly become a perfect knowledge as I see them transpire before me. And finally, I hope for the day when I will hear Gods words say to me, "Well done, good and faithful servant thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things enter thou into the joy of thy lord." In time, as I am faithful in keeping God's commandments, my last hope will also be realized.

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

 I have heard it said that it takes as much effort to create good habits as it does bad ones. Each choice takes effort. So why not make good choices which make us happy, rather than feeling stuck in life without purpose becuase of the bad choices we make? Calling on God through prayer goes a long way to help us sort out what the best choices are that we could make to fulfill our purpose here on earth. God knows our heart and intentions and what is best for us. Answers may come in the form of someone else a friend or family member acting as an angel sent by God, or from within as God strenghens our abilities to overcome our trials. Sometimes the answer we get may not be what was expected or is diffucult to accept. But we must have faith in God to strenghen our resolve to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences. We can make the right choice with God at the helm to see us through. 

How I live my faith

 I have had many callings, or responsibilities working in the church as a sunday school teacher and leader, youth teacher, missionary, secretary, adult leader, and with visiting other members to care for their needs and bring a short lesson each month on how living a christlike life is important. Often, I would volunteer to clean up a park, or help set up and clean up a church dinner party. I have visited the sick and given them blessing to be healed of their ailments. What some people call coincidenses I phrase them as miracles which cannot be denied.