Christianne: Mormon.

Hi I'm Christianne

About Me

 I love learning about life. I enjoy hearing other people's story's and their philosophies on life. I am always curious about life's lessons, and why I do the things I do! I am a seeker. I have a great love for the natural environment and strive to have it a part of my life. I enjoy a great laugh and tasty food! I find great solace when near or in water, like the beach. Sunshine is food for my soul. Above all, I am a daughter of God. My greatest comfort, compass, and strength in my life is The gospel of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

 I asked for the truth. To a God that I knew was up there, in some form, who created the sun that fills my soul, and the wind that whispers peace. I needed to know the truth. I relapsed on alcohol after 3 years of sobriety. As part of my desire to stay sober, I knew I needed the help of a power bigger and more powerful than myself--I was willing and ready to know the truth. I sought out many different religions and ideologies, and all seemed to have bits of truths that testified to my soul, but I always felt that something was missing--that there was more. Before I knew it missionaries were knocking on my door. I later heard a women share her testimony-her conversion. I knew it was true. The rest is a beautiful history. Today, I have a testimony of my own. My life has been blessed in ways I never even realized I could have or needed blessings in. It's the answer/truth I've been looking for.

Personal Stories

How has The Book of Mormon helped you understand the purpose of life?

 This is very personal to me. However, I know The Book of Mormon has directed and guided me in this life, and to understand that great and seemingly dubious question, we all wonder at one time or another What is the purpose of life? All I can say is that reading This Book, combined with honest prayer, has guided me and provided me answers to personal questions on life in ways that I didn't know where possible or that I would ever be taught it. These experiences have shown/taught me that God knows me so personally. He hears the questions of my heart, even when I have not fully expressed them. I know that they have been lessons that I needed to know because they have taught me principles on the meaning of life, which have given me such a strong foundation in this life that I never had before. Having a strong foundation on where I came from and where I am going helps me to get out of bed every day and motivates me to keep going and learning. My ambition in life has been increased. It's amazing. 

How I live my faith

I live my faith by action. I actually didn't realize that until I started writing this! I do my best to adhere to taught principles by leaders and/or faithful members of the church. A lot of my adhering, at first, was on obedience. "Okay, I am going to pay my tithing, only because I know it's the right thing to do," Kind-of-thing. I've grown. My faith and trust in the Lord has grown, and it has taken time. I didn't trust the Lord at first. There were a lot of things that needed to be worked out. The Lord has been ever so patient and kind to me. I see that now...I've learned a little at a time along the way during the daily routines of life and tribulations. Today, my faith is strengthened, and it's been through betting on trust...betting on what leaders or a trusted friend have shared with me--that The Lord will come through. I've watched it work in my life, and it has taken action, even when it seemed to scary or impossible to do. Now, I have my own experiences to draw strength from to have faith when the next trial arises. I feel less powerless, alone, and scared, and that is a way of life I chose to keep living.