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Hi I'm Spencer

About Me

I am older then 21 and I love the outdoors. I was on the drum line for all 4 years of high school. I was the bass drum. I love to paintball and play with my dog. I like to cook and make stuff to eat. And I love roller coasters. I grew up outside of two small town which are Snowflake and Taylor Arizona. And yes it does snow. I have 3 brothers and 3 little sisters that makes 7 kids in my family, one of my little sisters is no longer with us on this earth but i know that we will be able to see her again. We where raised out in the middle of no ware and we did not have a TV. So we had to make our own entertainment. we all learned how to work and learned how to play. And now that I look back it is a miracle that none of us were ever seriously injured. I can see how God was and is looking out for us through our lives. I was raised in the church, and I gained my testimony over time and through different events that have happen in my life but it didn't come all at once, it came line upon line, step by step and it still continues to come one step at a time.

Why I am a Mormon

In the course of my life God has always been there for my family and me and has protected us. Because of this gospel I know that I can be able to live with my family and can be happy for all eternity. Through this gospel my family has been blessed and comforted. Life has its ups and downs but I know that Jesus is right beside me in all my trials and troubles.

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

Some of the blessing I have received through faith in Jesus Christ. Is I am able to walk on my own two feet with no limitations. Back in 2010 I got an infection in my knee and I was hospitalized. The infection was not turning around after 3 days and there were afraid that they would ether have to cut out the infection or take the leg. so i was givien a blessing that through my faith in Christ i would be heal. and through my faith that blessing and the prayers of my family the infection started to turn around after a few more days. And within a week I was running again. So through my faith in Christ I was healed.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

Well there are a lot of reasons that Mormons go on missions but I don't now them all so I will just let you know why I have chosen to go on a mission. The first reason is to help people come closer to Christ, I go because I know how happy this gospel makes me and my family and friends and I want others to have that same happiness. Some people think that Mormons go on missions to get “higher up” in the church. But it doesn’t, serving a mission has nothing to do with getting “higher up” in the church. a reason for that is because we don't have a paid ministry. NO ONE gets paid not even in the very top of the church. Everything we do is unpaid. Even to go on missions we have to pay to go. We have to save money up or have our parents help us out so we can go. And it is not cheap. One reason is because we don't do anything but preach about Jesus Christ for 2 years. No girls, no Job, no watching TV. For 2 years we don't do anything except try to bring others to Christ so they can feel the eternal happiness, which I feel. I as a missionary help people come to know that Christ lives, that He is our savior, and that by having faith in him, by repenting and by being baptized and enduring to the end, that they can receive an eternal happiness. A happiness that will go on forever and ever. A happiness that is eternal. That’s just part of what going on a mission is about.

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

The Plan of happiness is something I love. Through this plan I know that my family can be together forever and we can live in happiness. And why this is something I love, well a few years ago my family lost our little new born baby. Her name is Emma. I am not sure what all happen, all I know is that my mom went to the hospital one weekend and came back with my little sister. But my little sister was no longer with us she had passed on already. We had her funereal that next week. This is a sad experience but I know that through the plan of happiness I will be able to see my little sister again. she is not lost she is with God and others family members that have gone on before us. and one day i will get to see my little sister again with the rest of my family and we will have an eternal happiness that will last forever.

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

I honestly believe that without prayers I would not be here. Let me explain. During the early years of my life I went through a lot. Just to name a few things the first is that I have drowned before or rather very close to drowning I remember going under then the next thing I know I am laying on my back looking up at the sky and a big group of people surrounding me. I have broken my head open 4 times, I have had my hand stabbed throw by a broken branch off a tree (I was climbing the tree and the branch I was on broke and I was falling and my hand got caught and I just hung there till my dad pulled me off), and I have been knocked out for 6 hours (that was at one time). In total I have had at least 4 concussions. And I was also run over by a water trailer that was empty but was still about 175 lbs to 200 lbs (give or take). It ran me over from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. So it was like the tire, me, the ground. So I was sandwiched between 175 lbs water trailer and a very rocky and hard ground. And all I got out of that was a few rocks in the face. My dad was the one driving he said that he looked in the mirror the same time the tire went over my head. He said it was one of his most terrifying moments for him, he jumped out of the truck (that was pulling the water trailer) ran over and picked me up thinking the worst. But amazingly I was fine. Later we found out that earlier that day my grandma had the impression to pray for my safety that day. Out of her 9 kids and the many grandchildren and great grandchildren, she had the impression to pray specifically for me and my safety. i know that my grandma's prayer was answered, and that god protected me for any real danger. And through it all, prayers have been keeping me going. I have had many prayers said for me both by family and by friends and even by people I don't know. But I know that there prayers have been answered, because I am still here and I am fully functional in everything I do.

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

When you make a right choice you feel good. And you get a desire to feel that way again so you do more things right. It’s like a simple law of physics when an object is in motion it stays in motion. So when you are making right choices you are more likely to make more right choices down the road. it is extremely simple the hardest part I think is making the first right choice but it can be done, no matter how far down the wrong road you may be there is always a way back through Jesus Christ. It may not be easy but it is so worth it, you will be happier and you will feel better about yourself and the direction you are going. So starts right know in making the right choice and always remember Christ can help you no matter how far down the wrong road you may be.

Could you talk about your baptism?

when i was baptized.i was 8 so i don't remember a lot about it. but what i do remember is the feeling, it was a feeling of warmth and peace, it was a happy time in my life. and every time i see someone else get baptized the feelings come rushing back it is such a great feeling. i wish everyone could feel the way i feel it is such a great feeling. and more on the funny side of it i was also put under the water 3 times, because i was never completely immersed under the water (which being immersed under the water completely, its the same way that Jesus Christ was Baptized). and also the water was kind of hot. and they didn't turn the water on soon enough so it was kind of shallow also. but it was a great experience non the less. it was great. i hope others can have as much joy as i have had because of being baptized in Christ church that has been restored on the earth once again.

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

Well the Holy Ghost has helped me stay safe, and keeps me and my family safe. For example my little brother and I would always do stuff together and we would not always be smart/safe about what we did. well my brother came to me and he told me about how he made his own repelling harness, and we both got super pumped about it and we wanted to test it we got on top of our house (its was only like a 12-15 ft drop) and he strapped on the harness and I was on the other side of the roof with the main line wrapped around me and I was steadying myself and prepared myself for his weight........then right before he jumped he stopped and looked at me ( let me remind you we were both super pumped about doing this) and asked "do you think this is a good idea." I looked at him then the rope then at where I was standing then back at him then I said. we got off the roof, now some of you may think well that’s common since, well for two young boys that have been bored all summer it at first seamed like a really smart idea. but I am thankful for those small little inklings of impressions that you receive, you may not even notice them at times but I know that’s those little impressions are form the Holy Ghost and he is watching out for us, we wouldn't of died if we fell off the roof we would of broken something but nothing to bad, but the Holy Ghost protected us from making a stupid decision, and I know that as we follow those little impressions the easier it will become and the more often we will notice them, and always remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us all. And they have sent the Holy Ghost to protect us from both Physical along with spiritual dangers that are in the world. And I bare you my testimony that Christ lives and that we can find happiness in the life that will carry on through the eternity; I testify that this is the truth in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

How I live my faith

i have served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. and i am going to continue to learn about our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. i do my best to be like him to do what he would do to say what Christ would say. i don't always do what Christ would do but i try everyday to do it so that i can feel his love, because that is the best way to feel him, is to do what he would do. and i try to actively live what i believe.