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Hi I'm Dave

I grew up in Utah. I'm a social worker/trauma worker. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I enjoy traveling. I have been to Europe twice (once as a missionary, once as a tourist). I have also visited South America (to see family, so it was like a mix of touring and living). I completed two internships that took me through Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; and New York City, NY. I love the big city and the energy that is there. I work as a social/trauma worker in the emergency room and love being able to provide assistance where I can. There are many situations that are difficult to deal with and it is very hard to see people suffer (even more difficult when they are suffering consequences from the actions of other people). However, it is fulfilling to help them as they begin to recover.

Why I am a Mormon

With my background with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with the principles that I accept (which I learned through the LDS Church), I have been able to deal with many tough situations that have come into my life. Every individual on Earth is faced with tough situations throughout life, and I am no different. We all face death, disappointment, betrayal, things not happening "the way they are supposed to", etc. I also become easily frustrated with many things that go on in the world and often find myself dealing with a loss of hope in humanity. However, knowing the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been restored and understanding the morals and standards that the LDS Church teaches, I know that I can be the type of individual who can help and serve others. Being the beneficiary of service from other people and from the LDS Church, my hope in humanity does grow. The LDS Church has been a constant in my life and has provided me with comfort that I know I would never find anywhere else. It is my safety and my "calm from the storm".

How I live my faith

When possible, I enjoy serving in my local ward. We participate in service projects, visiting with other members of the ward, and participating in activities with others in the community. I have many opportunities to help those who are ill or struggling physically with sickness or weakness or old age. I enjoy being social and being able to help when needed. The LDS Church provides many opportunities to do so.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

For me, there are many things that tell me there is a God, two of which include: 1) Creation. This can be through any type of medium (music, art, building, writing, etc). When I hear a really good song that gives me goose bumps (Claire de Lune, La Campanella, Christmas music). The fact that someone heard these notes in their minds and were able to write them down. Not only that, but instruments were made to create that sound. Buildings of any type (particularly the LDS Temples). I am particularly drawn to Gothic-style buildings. I find inspiration by looking at cathedrals and temples, but any type of building tells me there is a God. The fact that someone was able to come up with that idea in their mind and then make it a reality. 2) Nature. I love going into the mountains and hear leaves rustle, water run, and wind breeze through the mountains. I love seeing the birds flying or hopping on the ground, fish jumping and biting at the water. I love seeing a smooth body of water and the reflection of the sky and mountains. Seeing animals in their natural habitat. Every time I see these scenes, I feel a peace and comfort at knowing all this was created for me. All these things tell me not only that there is a God, but that He is doing all that He can to make my life joyful and happy. Show more Show less