Deloresdd: Middle-aged Mom, Mother of four, former missionary, Mormon.

Hi I'm Deloresdd

About Me

I'm married, and the mother of 4 children. I served as a missionary for the church in the Taiwan, Taipei mission before I was married. I enjoy playing the piano, doing crafts, and walking my large airedale terrier. I love to talk to others about my beliefs!

Why I am a Mormon

 In recent years I have discussed religion with many people of different faiths. I had already prayed to God as a young woman to know if this church were His church, and received an answer that it was. But as I have talked with others about religion, I see more and more that all of the puzzle pieces fit together with this restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have felt God's guidance confirming to me that this is His church. 

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

 Prayer is my life line with God. I depend on Him so much and pray for help many times throughout the day. Through prayer I can seek the help that I need, and gain answers to questions that I have. Another blessing I receive from prayer is that it gives me an opportunity to really savor the blessings I've received. As I thank God for how He has blessed me, it helps me to see His hand in my life, and see more fully my dependance upon Him.

Why do Mormons go on missions?

One of the greatest blessings I have received in my life was the opportunity I had to serve a mission for the church. Not only did it give me the chance to share my beliefs with others, but it helped me to grow closer to God, and develop greater spiritual strength. One of my favorite things is to explain my beliefs to others. My hope is that they will have the desire to learn more about the restored church of Jesus Christ. It makes me so happy when I see how the gospel changes people's lives for the better. I love to see the peace that comes in to their lives when they learn about God's plan for them.

How does making right choices help us make more right choices?

 When I am faced with a choice, I can feel a sort of tug between doing the right thing, and doing the wrong thing. When it is an important decision, and I do choose the right, I always feel better about myself, and I feel that I have become just a little more christlike. For me, making right choices makes me want to choose well again in the future so that I can become more like my Savior.

Can you talk about the missions of the Church and your participation in them?

One of the commandments Jesus gave to his disciples was "...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 1615. Because everyone deserves to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, I decided to serve a mission for our church. I was called to serve a mission in the Taiwan, Taipei mission. I talked to people who had never even heard of Jesus Christ before. It was a great blessing to me to have the opportunity to teach people about God's plan of happiness. I was able to help those who were struggling with life's questions. As an ambassador of Jesus Christ, I was blessed to carry his gospel to the wonderful chinese people in Taiwan, but I also grew spiritually in the process. I was blessed to meet and teach many wonderful people!

How I live my faith

For me, living my faith is a constant effort. I am trying to learn to be more Christlike, and to develop attributes that will bless the lives of others.  I am currently serving as the Relief Society president in our congregation. In this position, I have the opportunity to work with the welfare program of the church to help those in need. I also oversee the Sunday instruction of the women. In addition, we activities to help us to grow and develop as women. I am blessed to be able to have this chance to serve and grow.