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Hi I'm Jennilyn

I feel peaceful most days. I have Crohn's Disease, so I am under doctor's orders to relax and stay calm. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife, a quilter, a mural artist, an avid reader, a fantastic fudge maker, a PTA member, sometimes a swimmer, a fencer-as in "en gaurde", a film snob, a music appreciator, a seminary teacher early morning Bible study class for 14 teenagers, a blogger, a smiler, a thrifty decorator, a Republican, a BYU alumnus, an art teacher, a mother of 6 children, and a Mormon!

Why I am a Mormon

When I was eight my uncle sent me a birthday card from Paris. He was a missionary, and I decided then I wanted to go on a mission to France. Early decisions helped me stay in the LDS Church. My parents took us nine kids to significant early Church History sites. I remember walking through the Sacred Grove and feeling peaceful and certain that Joseph Smith was a real prophet. In high school I worked as a waitress and met a lot of different people, visited friends' churches, sang in Midnight Mass, went to synagogue, read Torah. I think it is important to learn about other's beliefs and respect them. I felt it was my responsibility to learn and test the truthfulness of the church I was born into. I didn't want to take it for granted, but I wanted to make sure that the answers were real. I prayed, I read, and I asked for answers. I did end up going to France as a missionary, sharing The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ. I am a Mormon because I believe in modern prophets. I believe that God has not left us alone! He loves us! He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to show us what we should do to be happy and lead us home to Heavenly Father. Christ reveals truth to modern prophets. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet, not a wolf disguised in a wool suit. I have felt the Holy Ghost testify and reassure me that these things are true. It has influenced my whole life, my vocational choices, who I married, how we raise our children, how I spend my days. Being a Mormon is a lifestyle.

How I live my faith

My day starts early every week day. Fourteen teenagers, all in high school, troop downstairs to my basement classroom at 555 am. We sing, we pray, we read scriptures together. I get them to write in study journals, color, ask questions, act out scenarios as we discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Fifty minutes later, half of them load into our van- I teach students who go to four different high schools- and drive them over to school, armed with a postive spiritual start. I get back home before my middle schooler leaves, and two elementary-age cousins come over for an hour before it is time for them to go to school. We have family prayer together, and they are off to school. While they are gone, I paint! Furniture, walls, ceilings for clients. Before I start a job, I kneel and pray, asking for help and creative solutions and clarity and the ability to make something beautiful. I do everything I can to be back when my high school children come home from school, to greet them, get their one word answers when I ask how their day went. Sometimes, they download more, and need to talk longer. That is when I am thankful for the teachings about the importance of family and how needed mothers are for nurturing. It isn't just about feeding the hungry teenagers. Being available, listening, loving them is my goal because of what I have been taught. Sometimes one of our children cooks dinner, or my husband, but I love to cook. We have a habit of eating dinner together, sitting down, at the table, practicing manners and talking. We take turns with chores, and gather for a nightly family devotional. We sing one daugher plays the piano a hymn, recite together a paragraph from "The Family A Proclamation to the World," and take turns each reading several verses from The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ. Some nights we discuss more than others what we are reading and calendar the next day. We then kneel in prayer together. Afterwards, we give each other big hugs and kisses and tell one another, "I love you." It is one of my favorite things all day. I want our children to associate the love they feel as a family with the love God has for them. On birthdays, before blowing out the candles, we sing a second verse to the traditional "Happy Birthday" song. Same tune, just repeat, "Tis love brings us here" three times, and another "Happy Birthday to you!" at the end. Yes, it is the familial love that gathers us to celebrate, but it is also the love of earthly parents that creates the body you have! And the love of God for us, creating this world, sending His Son, making it possible to be ressurected and clean by repenting because of what Jesus Christ did for us. One night a week the youth gather at the Church for activities, sometimes it is volleyball, or scripture chase. It gives them social time, structured with adult and youth leadership. The rest of the week is filled with music lessons, play practice, robot club. We squeeze in a date night without the children. It is nice to just be a couple, and be romantic! This is the man I chose to spend forever with, and I want to make sure we really know each other. Even after nearly 22 years of marriage, we have much to talk about. Sundays we go to Church for three hours...I know that sounds like a lot, but it is divided up into a meeting with the whole family, then Sunday School, and then a meeting for each of our groups kids under 12 years the young women under 18, the young men under 18, and the older men and women separately. I love the focus on our individual needs and the time to be friends and talk with my peers, other women with the same values and beliefs who are also struggling with the same things I am going through.

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

This revelation came to Joseph Smith after he prayed and asked the Lord about the messy tobacco smoke and spit his wife had to clean up after the meetings. Gross! It means no coffee, no tea, no smokes for me. No alcohol. No wine. No beer. Drugs are not mentioned, but those are things we know are bad for all of us, except prescription medication and appropriate OTC use. Arsenic isn't mentioned, but being wise, you wouldn't ingest it, or all the other bad things available today. The great part about the Word of Wisdom are the YES things yes to grains, and fruits, and vegetables, and meat is okay- used sparingly- and fish and poultry. We are promised great blessings of knowledge and health if we obey this law. To live it fully, I know I need to eat less sugar and exercise more, so there is some guilt/motivation here for me to be better and keep trying and make fudge less often...I think it is a law of health that teaches us how we can be more receptive to the Holy Ghost, and not addicted to vices that distract us from being free. There are some big "NO's" but the personal interpretation part is pretty individual. Soda or no soda? That is your call. If you invite me over for "coffee" I'll drink hot chocolate with you!  Show more Show less