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Hi I'm Peggy

I'm a Mormon. Mother of two, grandmother of four. Bilingual attorney .

About Me

 I think Heavenly Father still has work for me to do! The only survivor of a family of six, I've survived 18 different schools, 54 moves, five car wrecks--none my fault, one nearly fatal,-- a year in traction, later on crutches and in braces, several broken bones, a couple of hurricanes, a 7.6 earthquake, and lots of hard knocks from the university of life. I'm a late life convert, the only member of the Church in my family. I met Mormons for the first time when they rented my home and allowed me to live in the guest cabaña. They encouraged me to apply to law school and extended their lease for two eztra years so that I could graduate--at age 51. I joined the church a year later, mostly because of their wonderful example as followers of Christ. My only regret in joining the Church is that I didn't do it thirty years sooner, so that my children could have been raised in it. I work for an international pay television programmer, where I specialize in international entertainment licensing and international intellectual property, and enjoy a never-ending variety of legal work, dealing with local attorneys in 18 countries. When I have time, I enjoy writing family history, genealogy, computers, video production, writing and illustrating books for my grandchildren, gardening, sewing, knitting and music. 

Why I am a Mormon

 Growing up in a very formal, ritualized religious environment, I learned to love the Lord, but always felt there were pieces of the puzzle missing. I used to make the priest tear his hair by asking questions such as "Why haven't there been any more books added to the Bible?" and "I think we need prophets today more than ever! Why aren't there any?" I was brought into the LDS Church in middle age by the example of some wonderful, kind, positive friends. Exposure to the Church made me realize that here at last were the missing pieces to the puzzle.

How I live my faith

 Every morning, I set the tone for the day by studying the scriptures, followed by a conversation with my Heavenly Father. I try to listen for His will for me that day, and pray for humility, kindness and love for others, and a chance to serve someone, if only with a smile or a small thoughtful gesture. I pray for friends who are suffering in some way or are in need. I pray for people I have a feeling I should pray for, even though I don't know what their needs are. I pray for my family. I try to do my very best at work and in all areas of my life, following my Savior Jesus Christ's example. At the end of the day, I fall asleep thanking Heavenly Father for the blessings He has given me during the day, and they are many. I obey the word of wisdom by abstaining from smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol. I pay a full tithe of my income, and have received many financial blessings because of it. I attend the Temple as often as I can get there, offering the blessings of salvation to my deceased ancestors. Once every few months, I enjoy visiting with the children in the primary age classes. I have three wonderful women that I visit monthly, helping them when they need help. Since I do not live near any family, I attend a family home evening once a month with a group of other "empty nesters." I enjoy the program presented and then socialize with this wonderful group of people. Sometimes, I am called on do present a program myself. I know I can count on my visiting teachers--two wonderful women--and my home teacher, a great guy, when I need help. I've called on these people for everything from a quart of juice or changing a light bulb to taking me to the hospital when taken ill.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

When the Devil twists the constitutional concept of Free Speech, our best plan of attack is to begin with ourselves. Do not look at pornographic materials. Pornography appeals to a basic human urge, and if you view it, you will poison your soul. Be vigilant that those souls entrusted to your care avoid it, as well. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

 The Book of Mormon is a collection of writings, each part entrusted by an early-day Western Hemisphere prophet to his son added to by the son and to the son's son added to by him, and so on, for centuries. The sacred records were then hidden in the ground to be recovered by whomever Heavenly Father selected to bring them forth and translate them in modern times.  Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Are you kidding? The Book of Mormon references Jesus Christ hundreds of times! The whole Church is set up to make it easy for us to follow Jesus in His life of compassion, charity and concern for others. Lots of people pass a Mormon chapel and think it looks strange because there is no cross on the spire. We prefer to rejoice in our Savior's triumph over death and resurrection rather than dwell on his horrible, disgraceful death. Think about it this way: If Christ were put to death today, it would likely be by lethal injection. Would we really want to have a hypodermic needle atop our church spire? Show more Show less