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Hi I'm Jonathan

I'm a public school administrator. I have a wife and four children, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a husband, father, teacher, and school administrator. I have a beautiful wife, we've been married for almost 15 years we have 4 adorable children that keep us very busy. I teach high school math and coordinate teacher activities for Math, Science, Art and Computer education as a department head. I have a passion for technology and want to help others learn about how technological tools can enhance learning. As a husband and father of four, I spend a considerable about of time with my children. My wife works at a local library when I return from work, giving me time to spend with the kids. I help with homework, fix dinner, and help the kids get to bed. I love spending this time with my kids, as I have a unique relationship with them for a father. My kids love spending time with me, cooking, baking and playing. I'm also blessed because my wife doesn't work every night giving us family time together. I've chosen Education as my career for a number of reasons. I love what I do each day. I spend time helping people (adults and students) learn to be better - better students, better teachers, and better learners. I teach classes as well as coordinate schedules, supplies, materials, and permission for teachers in my department. I administrate many of the activities that are needed to keep students in a large high school learning.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up a Mormon, but choose to follow the faith because I know it is the only way I will have the opportunity to live with my family again. I’ve also learned through experience that the more I follow the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the more I’m blessed. I've noticed that this world is increasingly less religious, with a loss of morality, ethics, integrity, and honesty. As a Mormon, I have the guiding principles to lead me to a happier life. As a public high school teacher, I see every day the problems living with a lack of moral guidelines causes many of my students. I teach them it is important to be honest in my class, but often this is a very difficult concept to understand. Cheating, copying, or getting others to do work for a student is often the normal, while honesty, integrity and ethics are rare. Being a Mormon, I am grateful for the Saviors teachings on honesty, integrity, and love. I am a Mormon because I need moral guidance in a world void of principals taught by the Savior of the world. I know that I also need to be a faithful husband and supportive father. My family is the most important part of my life. I understand and love the gospel principal that teaches that my familial relationships don’t have to end when I die, but we can continue as an eternal family beyond this life. I’m married to an amazing and fantastic woman; we are very close to each other, confidants, companions, who share everything with each other. Together as a team we raise our four beautiful children. While we have trials and problems like any married couple, I know that we are working together to become stronger. I look forward to the day when we can live without the struggles trials, and problems of this life, in the next life. We work together to solve lives problems of raising four kids, with the guiding light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the belief that we are an eternal family. I’m a Mormon because I want to live with my family forever.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through daily, weekly and monthly activities. Daily I love learning principles by reading and studying from the scriptures, and modern revelations. Weekly I help as an administrator of our local congregation. Monthly I attend and worship my Heavenly father by attending the temple. In addition, I live my faith my teaching my children the gospel as often as I can, and in a formal family night each week. I start my day by reading from the scriptures, early each morning while getting ready for work. In addition, I use technology to listen to the church magazines on my way to work. This prepares me for work by giving me spiritual strength to navigate the trials of the day. Each week I attend church early, and stay late to help our bishop as one of his counselors. I work with him to plan meetings, activities, and strengthen the members of our congregation. While this is tiresome work, the rewards are wonderful. I see people changing their lives for good. My wife and I also strive to attend the temple once a month. This is a challenge as the temple is about two hours away and we like to visit for at least two hours once we arrive. While this is challenging for us, we make it a priority and find the worship ends up blessing us as a family. We are closer as a family because of temple worship. In addition to the worship and church service I give, I also try and give time to the community. I volunteer my time as the local library’s webmaster, creating and maintaining their website. I also participate in my children’s schools by actively serving and helping in the parent faculty organizations. I believe it is important for us to contribute and get involved, so when projects or opportunities arise I try and give my time and support as I can. For example, I have volunteered to help the local school district in creating a magnet school and hiring administrators. I believe service to community is a valuable part of my religious beliefs.