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Hi I'm Anthea

I'm a Scientist, a Student, a Teacher, an Artist and a Musician. My name is Anthea and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I'm a college student, Chemistry Teaching major and an Earth Science Teaching minor. I love to ride horses, 4-wheelers, Jet-skiis, Snowmobiles, and Go-carts. Music is my passion, and I love many different genres including Classical, Rock, New Age, Country, Pop, etc. I'm trying to teach myself to play guitar, and I've even written several songs with what few chords I know, but it's going slowly. I absolutely love art, and I've done work in Oil, Acrylic, and Chalk, but I've spent the most time working with Watercolor, Graphite, and Charcoal. I love science and I love teaching, but most of all I love serving people.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in Maryland, I got to experience the Catholic faith a lot, and I've gone to several Masses with friends of mine, and I've even been to Italy and heard the Pope speak, but I never really felt very spiritual while I was there. I've been to Baptist churches and Lutherin meetings, and though all of these places are beautiful and the people are so sweet and kind, I felt like I was just in a fancy schoolhouse. I will admit that I was raised in the LDS Church, and there were times when I took a step back and had to admit that the whole thing sounded a little crazy. God visiting a 14-year-old personally so he could start up a church? That same kid translated an entire book that was written by ancient Native Americans that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Jerusalem in Old Testament times? Despite my questions, I've never been able to find a place, a book, a religion that made me feel close to Heaven. This Gospel has done nothing except make me want to be a better person today than I was the day before and make my world a better place when I roll out of bed than it was when I fell asleep. Everything just makes so much more sense than a lot of the teachings of other religions. This Gospel is about the Pure Love of Christ, and I know that I'd never be happy or complete if I were anywhere else.

How I live my faith

 You know, to be honest, I don't showcase my faith. I just make friends with everyone and try to be the best friend that I can be. I'm firm about the things that I won't do and I'm really fun and exciteable the rest of the time. I try to make sure that I fill my Church assignments and just live my beliefs. I treat everyone with love and respect and try to do what Jesus would do. And for me, that is the best way for me to live my faith.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

 As a member of the scientific community, I see a lot of agnostic tendencies in people. They think that because we understand so much, and yet so little, about how everything works and how things happen, that means that everything works by itself and that there Can't be a God. I, on the other hand, look at these things and say that these things show that there Is a God. Look at the most basic things in the world, and you will see beauty and perfection that we will never be able to create as humans. Like a baby. We could never create life in a lab, it's just not possible. Even something as insignificant as a seed is impossible to create in a test tube even if you handed the leading expert in Biology every element on the Periodic table and every enzyme and protein known to man, and placed him in a laboratory with the most advanced, expensive equipment we have created thus far. He just couldn't do it. If we, with our vast array of advanced technologies, cannot create even a tiny little seed, how much more evidence do you need that there is a Creator? Look outside, and see how much there is in this world that functions so beautifully, and think that we cannot even create a Epiphytic Orchids' seed, the smallest seed in the world. That is how I know, without one doubt, that there is a God. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are, in a lot of ways, normal people. We like to play games and we have senses of humor, we dance and sing and laugh with our friends, and we especially love get-togethers when food is involved. But beyond being regular people, we are all just trying to be the best that we can be. Just like the men in the church, we do our best to follow the teachings and the principles of the Lord. We most definitely believe that men and women are equals. But that doesn't mean we expect men to give birth. Men and women are two sides of the same coin. We each have different, but equally important roles. Generally, although not in every case, it is accepted that women are the ones that care for the children and the house while the men are the primary breadwinners of the family. But once father gets home, it is also accepted that he is supposed to help the mother with the family and the house. It's not as though mothers are the only care givers and fathers have no responsibility over their children's upbringing. How sad of a childhood would that be? Mothers and Fathers are both equals in their marriage and their responsibilities as parents. And for those that are unmarried, we still believe that men and women each have equally important roles that they can play both inside and outside the meetinghouses. We are all equal before God. Show more Show less