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Hi I'm Josh

I'm a professional Videogapher, I love Music. I love boating, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to spend time with friends and family and to enjoy getting to know others for who they are. I like listening to music and making it to. I like to capture the good times whether it be in snapping photos, recording video, or just writing things down that help me to really see all the blessings I get to enjoy in this world. I love to create and express my creativity by taking those things that I’ve recorded and putting an artistic edge to it, so that others can appreciate those simple things just as much as I do.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was brought up in this church, I did not always believe it for myself, I knew that what my parent's had told me were good things but I never really knew if those things were just good ideas and stories or if they were actually God's Truth. I came to a point in my life at the age of 18 that I started to think more about my future and who I was and what I truly believed. I realized that I had not taken the challenge to read the Book of Mormon like I had been invited to do so many times in my life. I decided that If I was going to know for myself if the things that my parents and others had taught me were really true, that I had to take that challenge to read and ponder The Book of Mormon and Pray to my Heavenly Father to Know if the words I had read were true and were the things that God wanted me to fallow. I remember praying harder than I probably ever did before, I wanted that answer straight from him, and I remember after praying for what seemed like an eternity that that answer came. It wasn't a voice or a dream that God gave me, rather an overcoming felling of peace, love, and the thought in my heart and mind that the things that I read and had learned in my life were the things that made me closer to God. God told me that these were the things that had guided me and my family to love one another, to live in peace and harmony, and to believe in my Savior Jesus Christ. By living the principles of the Gospel and not just by believing them alone, I have seen the blessings of God in my life, I know I would not be the person that I am today If I did not decide to act upon the answer that God gave me. I know that If I fallow God's commandments and do his Will rather than my own Will, that I have and will continue to find peace in my life and one day be able to live with him and my family forever. That Is my Goal, and I want to do all I can to become the Man, the Husband, and the Father that the Lord Knows I can Become.

How I live my faith

I try to share with others the things that I beleave, I have seen how these things have blessed my own life and so I try to bring those blessings and share them with others. Its like a cake that you slice up and share with everyone, just so they can get a taste of it for them selves and so they can know if that is what they wan't for themselves. I try to be an example to others and to live what I know to be true. I try to be a friend to all those around me and try to do what Jesus would do if he were in my shoes.