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Hi I'm Tim

"I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US and I'm a Mormon"

About Me

I am 61 years old this year 2011, I am married to a lovely, kind and wonderful lady Marieanne and we have 4 children, Austin, Beth, Spencer and Craig. We met and married in the Salt Lake Temple of the church, but we now live in Olympia, Washington. I worked for years in accounting, sales and constructin and Marieanne works in office administration. The kids now grown are doing great on thier own and we are so happy for them.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always wanted to be able to understand how I got here on earth and where I came from. I am the kind of person that wants to know how things work, how things are made and who is responsible for the place I find myself in, the earth. When I really investigated the church and started reading the scriptures in earnest, I found out that, over time, I could get answers to all my questions. This process and the knowledge I eventually gained helped me to understand exactly what this life is all about and has enabled me to be happy with all aspects of my life, plan for the near future, and plan for the life we will live after our mortal lives have ended. The church showed me exactly who God really is, who Jesus Christ is and how the plan of salvation for all of us here on earth works as well. The church showed me what the Kingdom of God is and how it works. I am a mormon because I wanted to know the real truth about everything...and I found that knowledge here, and I know that this is the only place any of us can get that vital information. I am not surprised any more that the truth about all things is to be found in one place only, after all, a being as intelligent as God actually is, will always be doing things in only one way, His way. The church showed me that even though we all make a lot of mistakes, God understands our plight and is eager to forgive us if we will come to Him and ask for help. I learned that His capacity to heal our broken hearts is greater than I could have ever imagined, and I learned that as great and powerful as He is, we, His children are what He loves the most.

How I live my faith

It took me many years to learn that if I would sincerely ask Heavenly Father about the questions and concerns I have, that He would actually teach me literally anything I wanted or needed to understand. I had to learn to listen and watch over time because the Lord works in many different ways to answer prayers because He teaches on many levels at the same time, over time. I eventually came to understand that I could really trust the Lord in all things and that I could trust in all His words, teachings, and promises, because over time as long as I was willing to be faithful and obedient, I could see that He not only answered my prayers, but He brought many blessings and understandings into my life that demonstrated to me in very concrete ways that He is there, acting as the loving father to me and to all of us. I learned that if I was willing to ask and then be patiently obedient, I could see Him working at His craft in my life and the lives of the people around me. The more I learned, the closer I watched to see what the Lord would do, and just like many other things in life, I learned that, over time, I could actually see Him work. I knew He was there, because I had learned to watch Him. I live my faith because I know that God lives, because the church taught me how to find Him, how to talk with Him, and that I could depend on Him. The church also taught me what God wants from me. The church taught me how God wants me to live, what He wants me to do, why he has placed me and you here and what lies ahead for us all. The church taught me that God has a definitive plan for each and every one of us with very specific instructions on how to live and that there are laws that govern all of creation of which we are a part. I learned that I could be happy now, in spite of the difficulties of life on this planet, no matter what happens, because this is a temporary place of learning, a preparatory place for a much greater life that lies ahead for each one of us.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Family is so important to us because we know that God has a family just like any or all of us. We pattern our lives after His. This way we can be assured that we are learning to live the best possible way to achieve real happiness in every way. Show more Show less