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Hi I'm Jacob

I'm a football maniac, a wrestling fan, part time big deal and I'm a mormon!

About Me

Hello friends, I was a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, served the people of Kentucky, helped bring souls unto Christ. Now I am your average every day young man striving to do the best I can and help those who are in need. I play rugby for Dixie State University in Saint George, UT. I love all sports, football, wrestling, track, basketball. Anything competitive I am wanting to watch it.

Why I am a Mormon

I have always been a spiritual person. Even when I was just a little boy. My grandmother tells me stories of how I knew certain things were wrong and right based from what I knew about Jesus. Which back then was not a lot. My immediate family was not practicing LDS. Even though my parents were raised in the church they decided to take their lives in a different and dark path. At one point taking me and my siblings with them, we never attended church often. So even though I was baptized as a Latter-Day saint member my testimony did not come until later in my lifetime. To shorten this explanation up by a load. I am a Mormon because it is what I feel is right, I have felt the spirit bare truth to me that this is where I need to be. I have felt Gods love in my life, I have felt his love on my mission. I know the Book of Mormon is true, I only know this by reading and praying of it. I am a Mormon because I know families can be together for eternity, why would God take me away from the people I love most when I die? It just makes sense to be eternally tied to those whom you love. I am a Mormon because I know the authority of the priesthood exists in this church. I have felt the Love and healing authority of the priesthood as my grandfather has laid his hands on my head and given me blessings of comfort and healing. I am a Mormon because I believe in Christ.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by keeping in remembrance Jesus Christ my Lord and my Savior, by going to church services, by trying to live up to my expectations as a follower of Jesus Christ everyday that I am on this earth. Respecting women, our fathers daughters. I feel keeping my body healthy and clean is something God wants of us. So I keep my faith by going to the gym and exercising my body and when its school season by exercising my mind.

In whom should we have faith?

We need to have faith in Jesus Christ, that he our redeemer has delivered us from our sins. Through that great and amazing sacrifice which god and Jesus Christ made, we can return with them again. Show more Show less

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

 Men are the head of the home, they are in charge of keeping the family safe from harm, physical and spiritual, with the priesthood they can do those things. Women don't hold the priesthood because they hold a more sacred calling in their life... They are to bring life into this world, they are to take care of their own children which are heavenly fathers children as well... They have the ability to give birth which I think is way more important then holding the priesthood... I respect woman to the fullest, I have huge amounts of respect for them. In the church there is relief society which is for the women of the church, there they have a presidency for that which is women. Also with primary... So women do lead the church in someways. Show more Show less