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Hi I'm Sterling

I'm a Mormon, I'm awesome, and there's not much difference

About Me

I don't think I'm weird but I understand when other people think I am. I tell jokes repeatedly and get too excited about the simple things in life. I think a lot of good can come from video games and I'm working to prove it, albeit very slowly. I think kids these days are weird and I miss the music from the 90's. I love my wife and the word "awesome" I wish I could enjoy all the awesome things our society has to offer without having to sift through all the vulgarity and immorality. By that I mean, I wish I could watch a funny movie or comedian without them having to use offensive language or bathroom humor. So far all the shows I've seen that do that would have been just as funny without it. So that's a little of my mormon rant. but I love video games and movies and rock climbing and Ninjas. 

Why I am a Mormon

I used to be jealous of people that were converted into the Mormon church because they always had such great stories of how they came to know that it was true and I only had my mom tell me it was true. heck, she never even told me about HER conversion story. I've never seen anything wrong with what the church teaches, Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, follow him and live, Prophets teach us how to be best prepared. But it wasn't until I needed to make a decision on whether to leave my life and family for 2 years to serve as a missionary that I knelt down and prayed to know whether I really was in the right place. Not just to know whether teaching others about Christ was a good idea, but to know whether the prophets I follow are truly called of God, if Joseph Smith really saw the things he said he did. The answer I got then was still and small in other words, disappointing but in the affirmative So I packed up my things and spent the next 2 years in some of the poorest places of Veracruz, Mexico. It was there that all the really incredible stuff happened. I saw real live miracles! Not just the metaphorical kind where somebody's heart changed and they became a better person, but the awesome kind too! like people walking after getting a blessing or seeing visions 'n stuff. That was a real eye opener for me that stories in the scriptures are true and not at all exaggerated. Faith has a REAL. PHYSICAL. power. And it's something that we can use to change the world around us. I haven't had anything that incredible happen to me since I've been home. but I did meet my wonderful wife and we're enjoying the happiest years of our lives together. still pretty new, under a year married. you know how it is and sure we have hard times and sometimes we run into a real jerk at church. But I'll never forget the things I've seen and done. this church has more knowledge of the truth of this world and the next than any other churches combined. And while I love and thank all the great women and men of other faiths who teach good true principles. I could never give up all of the truth in exchange for some of the truth.

How I live my faith

Every other Sunday my wife and I teach a Sunday school class on gospel doctrine. Right now we're focusing on the New testament. Me and another guy in the same ward get together once a month to visit two other families and just be friends to them, we'll share something from a scripture if we have one. but mostly we just try to let them know they have friends at church. Two other guys from church will call or text me every so often to try and come over for the same reason. It's nice because then when I go on Sundays I'll recognize them and we'll have someone we can sit with that we know.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

a man named Mormon, hence the name. there's a lot in it and you can have a free copy if you ask for one. We know how important it is to know about and read so we will happily give you one if you will just read it and pray to know if the things it talks about really happened Show more Show less