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Hi I'm Sarah

I'm an archaeologist , I'm terrible at telling jokes, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love the outdoors, hiking, history, and taking on new challanges. This is why I chose to study and become an archaeologist. At work I spend all day hiking, digging, and screening through dirt looking for evidence that people once lived there. It's amazing to think about how people of the past thought, lived, and what they were like. When we find artifacts it's like looking into the lives of those who once owned them. Archaeology gives me a sence of nearness with an actual person or an actual society that lived a hundred or even thousands of years ago. I have a wonderful husband, who has learned the hard way not to hug me when I get home from digging in the hot Sun all day, until after I have majorly showered. I have two sweet little kitties whom I miss terribly when I'm traveling for work. I also have a very pittiful looking vegetable garden I should take more care of. I really just love life and practically everyone I meet. I try my hardest to be a hard worker, a good wife, a decent person with a strong character, and to see the good and the blessings all arround. 

Why I am a Mormon

 I love the freedom that I have as a member of the church. Freedom to move at my own pace and allow my understanding of the gosple grow as I do. The freedom from physical addictions and the pain that brings. The freedom to stand. I Especially love the freedom to ask questions. I love knowing that If I have any doubts or concerns, no matter how grand or how miniscule, that I can ask God and He will hear me. I love knowing that He will help me to find the answers. I love knowing that God is there and He knows me and hears me and cares about what is going on with my life. I know that He speaks. 

How I live my faith

Even though I travel a lot I still try to help out my neighbors. If someone is sick I'll bring them soup or watch their kiddos so they can rest. If someone needs a ride, I'm there. I know the Lord places people in you path who need help sometimes, seeking opportunities to help others is a way I follow Christ's example of loving others.  

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I love this question! There are so many reasons why I know there's a God. This beautiful world, the brilliant sky, my ability to convert oxygen into Carbon Dioxide. These things don't just happen. I look at the stars and I am dwarfed by the immensity of the rest of the universe, and I feel that there's something else out there, that someone up there is watching out for me. I can tell there is a God when I am really down and I think that things can get any worse. This is when good things start to happen all around me, like when I met my amazing husband. Only a loving God can pull good things out of thin air and turn something bad around until something good can come out of it. Mostly I can tell He is there when He answers my prayers and I can see His hand in my life.    Show more Show less