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Hi I'm Edge Nowlin

I'm an Assistant SCUBA Instructor, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in 1943 in Colorado where my dad was stationed Rocky Ford during WWII, grew up in AR as a Baptist, graduated as an electrical engineer, worked as a launch engineer on the Apollo project for IBM, ending up spending 40 years with them before retiring. I met my wife in Fla. at the Cape. We joined the LDS Church in 1971, nine months before our first child was born. We now have six kids and 19 grand kids. I bike, work a SCUBA dive boat in the summer, and play with model railroads. Since I kept getting asked to sing in church, I decided that I should learn how, so now I'm back in college studying voice it's totally different from engineering but really lots of fun!

Why I am a Mormon

My family was very active in the Baptist church and so naturally I grew up studying and learning all the different stories of the Old and New Testaments. Around the age of 14 religion became a more focused interest; however, I noticed that the events of the Bible so common during the time of Christ and afterward with his apostles were not readily seen in my church. I began to wonder if, since there were so many churches, perhaps one of them had more of the spiritual manifestations, such as healing. I began searching, but in my home town of Arkadelphia I quickly ran out of choices without ever hearing of the Mormon church. over time my interest languished and I became somewhat passive toward religion in general. Several years later after I was married and living in New Jersey, the missionaries knocked at our door and asked if they could tell us about what they believed. I said " sure, so long as it doesn't violate my beliefs." They began to teach us and we read the tracts and Book of Mormon (more tracts and less BOM :-) ). I noticed some real coincidences between what I was reading and information I had learned years ago, plus discoveries being made in Central America. But the clincher came on a different day. My wife, Debbie, had her wisdom teeth out and had reacted with fever, unbearable pain, and swelling. I was very concerned about her, and was with her in our bedroom as she lay there in pain, when the missionaries knocked at our door for an appointment we had with them. I told them to come on in, and I remember blurting out to them as they were coming up the stairs, "if this is the true church, you can heal my wife." They proceeded to teach me about administering to the sick and then performed the ordinance. Within an hour she was much better with little pain, no fever, and the swelling receding. It years later, after we had joined the church, I realized that event was when I came to know this was Christ's church. My young boy search had been answered.

How I live my faith

My wife and I spend one week a month working at the Temple, which has been a wonderful experience. I also work with the Scouts, sing in the choir, and fulfill an administrative responsibility for a group of congregations which we call a Stake.

Are Mormons Christians?

Edge Nowlin
 Mormons are Christians. In fact, the only official name the church has ever had is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". Since being a Christian means believing in Jesus Christ, a church that, in addition to believing in Him, believes He is the cornerstone and owner of their church would certainly qualify. I sometimes wonder if some, when asking this question, are perhaps asking if we are Protestant, and of course we are not it was not established as a result of the Protestant Reformation as were many other churches. Show more Show less