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Hi I'm Eric Beausoleil

I grew up in Connecticut now I'm living in Florida. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I am married and have a son. I am 30 years old and love to surf and play soccer. I go to college and I'm pursuing a doctorate degree in physical therapy. I love to cook and experience new food. I have also trained in Muay Thai kickboxing.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a faith driven home. My family and I went to church on Sunday and said our prayers. This all ended when I was around 14 when my parents stopped attending the church that we went to. As I got older and entered High School I decided to start making some bad choices. I got into things that lead me down the path of addiction. Living life in the fast lane was my kind of life. My parents divorced when I was 18 and I eventually went to live with my dad. When I was around 21 I wanted to get into shape and be part of a team again, something I didn’t experience since high school soccer. I decided to join a martial arts “kickboxing” team. We spent a lot of time meditating which eventually lead me to start praying. Every night I would pray for the Lord to lead me down the straight and narrow path. A couple of months went by when I found out that my mom was meeting with some mormon missionaries. She would constantly ask me if I would go to the Mormon church with her. I repeatedly told her no but one day I gave in to the nagging and said yes hoping that it would get her off my back. It worked because she did stop asking me once I went with her but she eventually asked me to go to church with her this time is was to watch her get baptized into the Mormon church. I was upset with her and confused. I din’t know why she wanted to join the Mormon church when we grew up in another church. I didn’t support her decision so I told her no and I didn’t go. My sister found out what my mother was doing and decided to have missionaries over to teach her and her daughter. They were eventually converted and my niece wanted me to go down to where they were living to watch her get baptized. I could say no to an 8 year old because she just wouldn’t understand so I went with my mom to watch my niece get baptized. While I was down there I had the apportunity to meet with the missionaries and ask them questions about the knew found religion in my mom and my sister’s life. They answered my questions and taught me about the restoration of Christ’s church through the prophet Joseph Smith. They taught me about the Book of Mormon and showed me scriptures in the Bible that talk about the Book of Mormon. It wasn’t enough to convert me but I felt better about what my mom and sister were doing. When it was time to leave my mom wanted to stop at the Washington D.C. temple before we went back home. When we got there I was blown away by the beauty of the temple. My mom wanted to walk through the visitors center that they have there. As soon as we walked through the visitors center door’s I felt this over whelming feeling of peace and love. I had this warm sensation envelope me and I felt like I was in a familiar pace almost like I was home. I saw a huge statue of Christ with His arms out stretch as if to embrace those who enter in a hug. Two Mormon missionaries came up to us and took us on a tour. They asked me what I knew about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and I told them everything that the missionaries taught me at my sister’s. They told us about a movie that was about to start called “The Testaments” and asked if we wanted to stay for it so we did. I felt the Spirit so strong during that movie that I just knew that everything I was taught by the missionaries was true and I knew that God and Jesus were real. I knew that they lived and that they loved me even though I was doing what I wasn’t suppose to be doing. I left that place a changed man. Shortly after, at the age of 23, I decided to be baptized and I joined the Mormon church. I’m so grateful that my Father in Heaven spoke to me that day at the temple. I know that God lives and that His Son lives. I know that Jesus Christ loves me and all of God’s children.

How I live my faith

 I live my faith by reaching out to those members of the congregation who have drifted away and invite them back to church. I teach the men in Sunday school gospel principles that can strengthen their relationships with their spouse and family and build faith in Christ. I also help those members of the congregation who might have welfare needs by making sure they have food on their table through the church's welfare program.