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Hi I'm Rosie

I teach elementary art in Alaska. I'm single and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am from Southcentral Alaska to be exact. I teach elementary art for a living. Yes, that's right, I get paid to be an art teacher. I LOVE my job! Working with children requires extensive amounts of energy and patience, but it also has great rewards. I'm a single lady. I live with some fantastic roommates in a house not too far from where my extended family members live. In many ways my life is full of blessings. Some of my greatest blessings are my family relationships.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up learning about the gospel from my parents. I remember one night when I was young we had a family meeting. We sang a gospel song about Jesus being baptized. My Dad has always been a good singer so he confidently sang out the words and tunes of most songs. Dad sang with more than confidence that night, it was conviction. Something in the way he sang let me know that my Dad knew Jesus Christ was the Son of God, sent to earth to fulfill his mission as our Savior. Thanks to my parent's example, by the time I left home to attend college I also wanted to follow Jesus Christ. Since that time, I faced multiple trials of faith and opportunities to refine myself. In those moments of despair, sorrow, or confusion I sought the Lord's will through prayer. When I followed the Lord's will, I always felt peace. I know that Christ loves each of us. I know it because of how I feel when the Spirit witnesses to me that the gospel is true. When I feel the Spirit there is gratitude in my heart that wants to bust out of me, I have a sense of what is most essential in my life, and I am rejuvenated with a desire to follow the Savior's teachings. Living the gospel based on the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps me to feel the Spirit often. Christ directs this church through revelation given to modern prophets called of God. I know if I live by the doctrine of Christ's restored church, I will not be lead astray and I will continue to find the peace I seek.

How I live my faith

I do certain things daily to maintain my faith. I read a spiritual message from God given by prophets, in the scriptures. I pray with gratitude, share my concerns with God, and seek God's will. As I go through my day I notice times when I have a chance to improve on my weaknesses. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail and feel the need to repent. My faith is a daily process and will always be that way. I also attend church each Sunday. After an hour of worship I then go to other meetings where I participate in groups where we learn about the gospel. The quality of the development of my faith would be poor without these forums for gospel learning. I learn the most when I am given a responsibility at church. Right now I work with young women ages 12 to 18. It is a new responsibility for me so I am just trying to do my best to be aware of what Christ wants for each of these girls. I teach them lessons from a prepared curriculum that is standardized throughout the church worldwide. Some of the lessons focus on values that are important for developing Christlike attributes such as faith, charity, and integrity. Other lessons are geared towards reminding the girls who they are, from an eternal perspective. These girls are spirit daughters of God. By nature they are divine and have great worth. These truths, when internalized, motivate young women to make healthy choices and set goals for personal development. I consider myself a vehicle for the Spirit in my teaching responsibility. As long as I do my best to prepare to teach the lesson, the Holy Spirit will do the real teaching, and the girls will get exactly what they need to continue to grow in their personal faith.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

If you look inside a copy of the Book of Mormon you will see different sections with different names on them, it's kind of similar to the Bible that way. That is because just like the Bible, the Book of Mormon is a compilation of writings from various prophets. So, there isn't just one person that wrote what you read in the Book of Mormon. Some of the prophets' names are Alma, Nephi, and Moroni. One of the prophets was named Mormon, the book was named after Mormon because he compiled it. Show more Show less