Kim: Mormon.

Hi I'm Kim

About Me

I'm a husband and father of five married children and eighteen grandchildren. I was a boy scout, eagle scout and college graduate. I am a private pilot who earned my license as a teenager. I love to fly, to ski, to work and play outside. I have been a retail business owner all of my post college life.

Why I am a Mormon

My great grandfathers came to America from Britain and Scandenavia after joining the mormon church. They both walked across the great plains with their families during the western migration in the late 1800's settling in Utah. Life was hard for them and the sacrifices great. I was born into the faith but learned my own reasons for staying faithful. 

Personal Stories

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

 I have many friends not of my faith, but as I look at my life in comparison my marriage, my children as they grew up, my outlook on life, I see that the doctrine available through my religion has given me direction that they did not have. The book of Mormon is full of great wisdom that helps me in my relationships with others. No other organization gives more opportunities for personal growth, more direction for moral character, and better direction for raising children and making decisions. I am blessed to have the restored gospel to direct me in my life and the second witness of Christ from the book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

 I believe that my Mormon faith gives me direction in how I live my life every day. My life has purpose and meaning. I know that I have an eternal Father In Heaven who loves and knows me. I know that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to provide a way for my return back to his presence. I also believe that my family is eternal and will continue in the life after this one. Thus I have good reasons to understand the way I must live in order to be most successful in the eternities.