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Hi I'm Chris

I grew up south of Atlanta Ga USA. I have 4 great children and a magnificent wife and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a partner in a building products company. My family and I travel about 10 months out of the year for my work. I enjoy camping, hiking, playing golf, wood working and playing with my children. Our favorite places in the US are Yellowstone, Northwest Washington State, Seaside Fl and northern Arizona. ..........................................................................................................................The most important day of the week for me is Friday. Each Friday, my wife and i go out on a date, just as we did when we were dating. Friday evenings really makes the rest of the week bearable. Combine Friday nights with Sunday mornings and having my family with me all the time, is really special to me. I really feel that I get to have my cake and eat it too...and by the way, what good is cake if you can't eat it right? I am a convert and due to the principals I have learned by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ I am able fully enjoy my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because of the joy that I have experienced when I live the principals of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is comfort in truly knowing where you came from, why you are who you are, why we are here and where we are going... I have to say, I am proud to be a Mormon. I know we face persecution because of our faith. I know people have always look to find reason why they have a problem with "Mormons". What make me proud is during my travels ( i have been to over150 different wards in 4 years) finding good members of the church that strive to live the principals of the Gospel. I have a witness that only by LIVING the principals that Christ taught is how we can know him. I have been able to truly learn about Christ and live what he taught by studying the scriptures, and listening to the profits. I do this with the understanding that no matter what I do it can never be enough to earn me a place in heaven. I need the Savior's grace and His atoning sacrifice to live with my Father in Heaven again and this is why I am Mormon.

How I live my faith

As a convert to the church and growing up outside the Latter Day Saint culture posses some challenges for me to live my faith. These challenges are not unique to myself they are just challenges that we all must overcome to live our religion. The perspective that helps me to keep simple is to look at living my faith as two tiers. The first tier being the conversion. The conversion is my desire to no longer live a meaningless life and to try to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The second tier is staying on the plateau (living the hire law) on a day to day basis. I see it as a plateau because I love to hike in the wilderness. When you are up on the plateau, you can see everything clearly and the path is much easier to walk. Conversion, true conversion is tough. Conversion to me is like repentance. First I had to understand that just simply working, playing, eating and sleeping does not give you lasting happiness. I had to learn why it is important to strive to be a better person. Why it is important to serve. Why it is important to love God. Why it is important to love your neighbor. Once I learned why these attributes were important, I realized I was sitting on the fence. Either I could fall backwards and keep living an fulfilling life and keep just "being a good person" or, I could get move forward and become a disciple (active participant in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ) of Christ. Living the higher law day to day is not easy. It is only made easier through daily scripture study, weekly family home evening, constant meeting attendance and trying to keep an eternal perspective (keeping your spiritual battery charged). I am not professing my perfection. I am far from perfect. Understanding my short comings and coupling this with my desire to live the Gospel makes it easier to repent and get back up on the plateau. They real key to living my faith has come from my desire. The desire comes from the support my family gives me.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was the profit of the restoration. Plain and simple. He is not worshiped. He is not prayed to... He is a revered man that had the courage to be obedient to what the Lord called him to do. He faced persecution, his family suffered, he lost his life for what he knew to be true. At any time, he could have stopped the pain and suffering caused by mobs, soldiers and even execution mandates by the Governor of Missouri had he just said, "Ok, it is all fake. I made it up. I am sorry!". He could not deny what he knew to be true. Joseph Smith was the profit of the restoration because he had the faith and the courage to stand up and act upon truth no matter the cost. As a convert, I questioned the accuracy and the validity of Joseph Smith. As I studied more and more about his life, his challenges and his accomplishments I grew in my testimony that he was the profit of the restoration. Show more Show less