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Hi I'm Ruby

I'm a Mormon. I am a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

About Me

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, I expected to be confined to a wheelchair and to my husband’s care. I have been very active all my life and have worked outside my home for the past thirty-five years. Much to my surprise and a blessing from the Lord, my symptoms held to a minimum and my husband is the one who required the care. He began having small strokes which soon made it necessary for me to take over the care of our large garden and the lawn care. I also had the finances to contend with. My husband got to a stage that I could not care for him at home anymore and he entered a nursing home. Learning and studying and doing has been my goals all my life and I determined that as I entered my seventies I would learn at least one new thing every year. Seven years ago I learned to lay a tile floor and completed seven floors during that yearl. Six years ago, I learned to buy a new house and move, doing everything by myself such as the packing and arranging for a storage unit, giving stuff away, downsizing, signing papers and etc. Five years ago, I also learned to operate a wood lathe and to turn wood into art objects. Four years ago, I learned to drive great distances to visit family and friends. Three years ago, I learned to play chess, but a lot is to be desired. Practice, practice. Two years ago, I learned to grieve and to be completely alone. One year ago, I learned to rely upon the tender mercies of the Lord and his servants whom are a part of my family and my ward.

Why I am a Mormon

I come from ancestral stock from the beginning of the church in 1830’s I am proud of my heritage and I relied upon my name and my ancestors for my testimony. I have always known that this church is Christ’s church on the earth today. It has the fullness of the gospel and all the ordinances and principles that were in the early church in Jerusalem. I know that there is a prophet upon the earth today, Thomas S, Monson, and before him many others, beginning with Prophet Joseph Smith, Many of the early saints were my ancestors from Heber C. Kimball and Orson Pratt and their wives taken from the wives of Joseph Smith following his martyrdom. They all made their way to the Great Salt Lake Valley, and became the stalwarts of the Lord. I reached a point where I couldn’t rely upon my name to get me very far in the hereafter, so I prayed very earnestly for a long time and my testimony grew and grew until I can say with no doubt that this is the Church of Jesus Christ upon the earth today. I would have you pray about it also.

How I live my faith

My mother always taught her children “You can do anything you want to do and you can be anything or anyone you want to be.” I graduated from high school at age 16 and at age 17, became a window trimmer in a dress store down town Salt Lake City as well as assistant manager in the store. . While home, I discovered many talents which I enjoyed. One such talent was to write for a little weekly newspaper. I gathered all the news from the north of our county and took all the photos and even sold subscriptions to the paper. I did this for a period of about three or four years. I Following my experiences in the fabric stores, I began a brand new profession as a manager of a copy and printing establishment, working at this establishment for twelve years. I had to re-learn my typing skills and my composition skills and, If you can imagine, a computer to do ad layouts and compose and set type for the press. , Life is a learning time. I have learned how to be a “Mormon” through being a friend and an example to my family, friends and neighbors. There is no way you can go about doing good while hiding your light under a bushel. I have had to work at being a friend and staying a friend. It doesn’t “just happen”. Also, family ties become strained with age and growth of individual families. It has taken constant “working at” to be a thoughtful sister and mother. I believe I have been a good teacher in my church and civic lives. In my later life, I re-discovered a talent to write. I have been called upon from many different segments of life to write newspaper articles and utilize my skills in so many ways, not dreamed of. I have been a list writer and a goal setter, and to do my best at what ever I attempt to do. I have worked all my life in the home and outside the home. My goal in life has been to live worthy to return to my Father in Heaven when I leave this earthly life.