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Hi I'm Aaron

I love to read, play games, play sports, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

 I grew up in Washington state in various little towns. I had lived in Washington for quite some time and ended up moving to Montana. It was tough being the new kid in school, and an introvert at that. However I found that I was able to do a lot of growing from that experience and am very glad that I was able to go through that. After a few years I went to college and studied Computer Sciences. I hope to be some kind of a Software Developer or a hardware fixer for computers, but for now I am currently a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

Why I am a Mormon

 I had the opportunity to listen to the missionaries when I was about 10 years old. Before that my parents and I were searching for a church to be able to go to. I was always curious about the Bible and I always loved to read. One thing that the missionaries will share with you is that they don't want you to take their word for what they are saying. Rather they encourage you to read the Book of Mormon for yourself and to pray about it. I have done this for myself and have found that the Book of Mormon was true, and that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is his church once again on the Earth again.

How I live my faith

Before I went on my mission I had a couple of callings, or positions in the Church to help the Church and its members physically or spiritually grow. I had the Calling to be a librarian, something that I really loved dearly as I loved to be of a help to members so that they could have the resources that they need to help in their various callings such as teaching. At this point in my life though, I am a full-time Missionary so that I can be able to help others learn about and grow in their love for Jesus Christ and in His Restored Church that is here on the Earth once more.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

 Absolutely. I love the Bible and I like to study it every day. There are many great stories in the Bible that are truly of great importance to each and everyone one of us. To us the definition of scripture is anything that a prophet of God has ever written down or anything that they have ever said. With that definition The Bible is the Word of God, The Book of Mormon is the Word of God, and the things that our prophets today say is the Word of God. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Nope, we don't worship Joseph Smith. A better word for it is that we admire or respect Joseph Smith for what he has done for us. He has helped us so that are able to receive that light and knowledge that only a prophet of God can bring us. Our worship is reserved for God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and in the the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about family?

The family is the most important social unit in the Church. The family is a place where we can learn and grow from each other as long as we all do our part in helpin each other. The biggest thing that we believe about the family is that death is not the end of our time with our families. We can be together with our family forever. Just as Peter the Apostle was given the power to have things sealed in Earth and sealed in Heaven (Matthew 16:19), we can receive that same sealing with the priesthood of God in the Holy Temples. This is because that same sealing power was restored through Joseph Smith for the benifit of our families. Show more Show less

Are there restrictions based on race or color concerning who can join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have the priesthood?

There are no restrictions based on Race or Color as to who can join Christ's Church and there are no restrictions as to Race or Color as to who can hold the Priesthood. Show more Show less

Why did your church previously practice plural marriage (polygamy)?

A very simple answer to this question is the fact that the reason that this was done was because the Lord commanded us to do so. It is not needed anymore and is no longer required. The Lord in times past has endorsed the practice of polygamy. You can think of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and Solomon. They were given the practice of Plural Marriage from God and they did it, so this practice is not something that is new to us. The Lord's law has been the practice of Monogamy (singular marriage) unless he commands otherwise. We know that God is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. The Lord has revealed that Pologamy will no longer be required of us in this day as it is no longer needed to help establish the House of Israel. Show more Show less

Why do you have 12 Apostles? They were just meant to be around for the time of Jesus Christ, not to be replaced with new apostles.

There is no indication in the Bible that Apostles were only meant for the time of Jesus Chirst and have that be the end of it. Actually it is quite the reverse. After Christ acended to his Father there is an important event in the History of the Early Chistian Church where Matthias was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot (Acts 1). From this account we learn that new Apostles were able to be called and ordained. As we contiue in the scriptures we learn that Paul was an Apostle. (Colossians 1:1) Paul also stated to the Ephesians in a letter to them about how long Apostles were to be around, he says that they were be there "Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ". (Ephesians 4:13) Thus we can see that Apostles were/are needed in then and in our days as well, for unity is not amoung all of the children of men as of yet. The Lord knew this and once again he has chosen to call men in our days to be Apostles of the Lord. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

The best way that you can hellp to increase your faith is by just following the commandments. As you continue to study about and learn about what Jesus Christ has done for each of un and find ways to apply the teaching of Christ and his servants you will begin to feel that Christ is there, that he loves us, and tha he can help us in our lives. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

No, Mormons help many other people that are not Mormon. The Church's humanitarian efforts reach many people around the world, Mormon or not, Christiain or not, we are out there to help all people in need just as the Savior wants us to. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

Our purpose in life is a question that is often one of the most asked questions out there. This life is a place where we can learn and grow and strive to become more like our Heavenly Father. One of the first reasons that we came here was to gain a body here in this life. Our Heavenly Father has a body that is perfected and glorified. In the resurrection our spirits and our bodies will be reunited in a perfect and glorified form, much like Christ's body was. Another reason for being here is for us to choose to follow our Heavenly Father. In this life we have the gift of agency, the ability to choose between good and bad. We are born with the inherent ability to know the difference between good and evil. This gift comes to us because of the fall of Adam and Eve when they ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In this life we use this knowledge and agency to choose whether or not we want to become more like our Heavenly Father. We go through many trials in our lives and in each one we have the opportunity to learn and grow, whether or not we do is up to us. Another reason that we have come into this life is actually to be able to form family relationships. This is something that is very important and can be able to last forever. Families are ordained of God and are meant to be places of growth and love. Agency changes that for many, but a good family relationship can be formed and maintained through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less