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Hi I'm Eric Sprouse

I am a health nut that speaks spanish and rapps. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

If I had to describe my self in one phrase it would be, "Go big or go Home!". Thats how I try to live my life. Either I go big, or I go home. With that brings about a high, fast-paced life. I live for the outdoors. If you ever hear about some crazy person that goes camping in the desert for days, thats probably me. I play a lot of sports as well but no matter how much I try, I still cannot dunk. Which is highly unfortunate because my healthy living puts me at about 6'1". I also am a big fan for Nutrition and eating healthy. Holistic Health is totally what I am all about. Apart from that, I try to be healthy on my spiritual side as well. I am a huge fan for reading and studying the scriptures everyday. I believe that it takes more than just physical nutrition to be happy. That is the best part about me. I am Happy :)

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I was very fortunate to be introduced to this gospel at a young age. Basically, I grew up in the church. But what really converted me was when I read the Book of Mormon. When I got to read for myself the account of Jesus Christ coming to the Americas. Doing that, not just made me feel of God's love for me personally, it also changed my attitude and my outlook towards life. The more I study the Bible with the Book of Mormon, the more I am becoming rock solid in my testimony of Jesus Christ and in his everlasting Gospel. So why am I Mormon? It is because I have found out for myself that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Every time I read from the Book of Mormon I gain a stronger testimony that it is a volume of holy scripture.

How I live my faith

Something my parents taught me when I was a child, was to treat everyone the way that I wanted to be treated. They taught me to have love for everyone I meet, and to forgive. The more that I read the scriptures and understand them, the more I understand the standard that God has set for us to live. The more it makes me realize that I have been born of goodly parents that have taught me by example how to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the standard that God has set for us. Simply, I am trying to be like Jesus.

What is being a Mormon like?

Eric Sprouse
Being a Mormon is like taking a ginormous bite of a delicious french vanilla pie, and then realizing that the supply is endless. Or in other words, A BIG WIN!! Inner joy beyond measure! Now why is that? Well, when you follow Jesus Christ and join yourself into his church, that is a symptom that typically occurs. Now you might ask, "Immense joy in what?" or, "Is that comparable to the feelings that come into my body when I take part in eating an 'Almond Joy'?". To answer both of those questions correctly as possible, I will relate them to the parable of the "Wayward Son". You see, the wayward son left his previous life of family and love, to go follow the world and to consume his lustful desires. He then found out first hand what it was like to live a life apart from God, a life which causes you to lose everything that you have. He then returned back to his family having nothing, and was shown pure love by his father. This can relate in one way, that after we have partaken of the first bite there is hope and a reasurrance that there is more. That even if you have left, and have decided to not take any more part of the pie, eventually, when you have nothing left, you will return to that endless supply of pure joy. Show more Show less