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Hi I'm Lucielle

I grew up in Henderson, Nevada. I have a small Jewelry busness ARIZONAJEWELRYBYLER. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I make jewelry and sale it at Mortimer,s store and on Facebook. I love my family and have some active and some not. We pray always for them all. I'm a retired R.N. I worked in the new born nursery most of my working years. My Husband is Samuel we have four daughters and 10 grand kids and one great grandson Jayden. I love to crow knit, color 3D pictures. Read the Scriptures. play with my family I am in a scooter chair because of Degenerative disk and joint arthritis, asthma and heart disease, and Central Sleep Apnea. I would have died many times if not for the blessing given to me by my husband and other men of my church. My faith is strong and I have no fear about death. I know where I will go and am looking for word to being called home to my Father. I love life also. The Lord has given us so much. My Sister Linda is working with me to get as much genealogy done as probable. We love our family's and want them to all be together in the next life that is one of the things that is so great about our church. God has revealed what we need to go to have our family's with us in the next life. So we need not fear Death it will not stop us but help us go on. Just think all our family together again.Just think babies we have lost will be our again. Some of my children have left the church and that really hurts me but we pray and hope some day they will want to return to the church teachings. I want you to know the church has made me the person I am today and I am very happy.

Why I am a Mormon

Boy what a question? I have so many experiences with the Holy Ghost I do not know where to start. As a teenager I was teaching a family and they were excepting the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Then at Christmas time they were killed in an Airplane wreck. The whole family and pilot. After I went to the temple I had visits from them and they would just ask me why. So, I finally got the message and got them sealed as a family. I know they wanted it as I have never seen them again. I almost died as a child because the Dr. that took my Tonsil's out, cut an artery. But with a blessing I lived. How could I ever not believe in Joseph Smith getting the Keys from God and Jesus. All the prophets of the church now have got Gods power on the earth again. If you have a chance read the Book of Mormon and pray sincerely you will know also. The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints Is the one and only church with all the full teachings of God The Father and Jesus Christ. This is my Testimony and many more things that let me know it is true. As I have lived my life many things have happened to make it knew I was being guided in what I was supposed to do. One day in church I was teaching a lesson to the children and our Sunday School Counselor came to my class as I taught the lesson he begin to cry I ask him why and he told me his daughter had been killed and until he heard this lesson he never knew they would be together again. It was a true testimony to us both.

How I live my faith

I try to study the scriptures at least once a day, I say my prayers, I do all I can for the church, I write letter, to some of the sisters that can not come to church for some reason. Then if any of the sister's I write to have problems I tell my leader and she see's if they want us to help them. I can't go to all the Activities that we have many homes are not wheelchair friendly but I go as often as I can and am always happy I went. The women of the church hold offices and one of our sister organizations is called the Relief Society. It is for all women over 18 years old. We have our own President and two counselor's, and teachers. We study all kinds of things, Right now they are having a reading group. We have learned to plant a garden. We make quilts, book bags, mittens, hats for the needy. We have hay rides and all kinds of pot luck parties. Our Church is a way of life we love to be together. We love to bring friends with us to Church and activities. People are always welcome to our meetings etc. In fact we welcome the whole world to come to our church as Jesus said Love our brothers and sisters as our self. We believe in Jesus Christ he is the center of our Religion. With out him and his apostles their would be no church for it was stopped with the death of Jesus apostles. They have returned and brought back the church as it was in Jesus time. We follow his example in all things. As a church we are perfect but not all of us people are not quite their yet.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

My answer to that is to gain a body and follow Jesus Christ's example take care of our fellow brothers and sisters. Help those that need help. Thank God for all we have. Pray for others and give all you can even if it is just a smile or how are you doing. Also to remember our body is a temple and should be treated as one be modest in dress, keep it clean both body and mind. No markings to degrade his work. No tattoos modishly use jewelry and makeup good styles. Oh bay the word of wisdom and look at all the good things we can do and not the things that are bad for us and degrade the body and our selves. If you look in the mirror and see you as a daughter or son of God you will find that you appearance will make you feel good and give you the confidence you need. Show more Show less

What does Mormonism teach regarding baptism?

We do it the same way Jesus was baptized. Buried in water after repenting of our sins. He of course didn't have any, but did it to show us the way. As we come up out of the water we have had our sins washed away and if we do not repeat our mistakes God will forgive us but we have to forgive our selves; It is a sign to God we will try to do always the right things. We are to also help his church to grow and love our brothers and sisters into the gospel and never to forget we are willing to hep establish the gospel in all things. Show more Show less