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Hi I'm Bax

I'm a socially awkward, lightly sea salted, off-white chocolate bar- spiritually speaking. I'm a Mormon. And Hazelnut Spread.

About Me

I'm different than most people in a lot of ways, but not enough to use that as an excuse for... anything really. That caused a lot of problems early-on in my childhood: as a more sensitive and carefree boy, especially compared to the more competitive and athletic types, I was rejected and occasionally bullied. Struggling as I was with a low self-esteem, I managed to achieve one of my lifelong goals: to serve a two-year Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was called to New York City, but not the one everybody talks about. I was ministering in the less-glorified, though equally-diverse streets of Brooklyn, Queens and the Counties of Nassau and Suffolk on Long Island. It was there that I learned to see through the pain of rejection, to the soul on the other side. It was there that I understood, for the first time, who I am. New York is my adopted home, and the people there are my family. I'm a quirky, unpredictable character, but with a good heart and a sharp mind.

Why I am a Mormon

It wasn't a coincidence that I was born into this Church, it's a blessing. And, even though I was raised with the Gospel Principles, I didn't gain a solid testimony of any of them until my first transfer on the Mission. I served in the New York, New York South- Spanish Speaking Mission. I could have easily decided not to- anyone can. There weren't a whole lot of reasons to stay, but what would I gain from going? Well, my Father never served his Mission and, judging by the regret I could see he felt every time he acknowledged that, I know he wanted to. I knew at that time, at the least, that a full-time Mission- served honorably- changes and blesses lives. I don't know how I knew that, but I wouldn't have served if I didn't want to redeem my Father's name and let him experience those blessings that he missed. The reason I've continued on the path I've chosen is because I gained so much from going on a Mission. Since I started: both my Father and I have been richly blessed by the Lord, my constant prayers have been heard and answered, the Spirit has testified to me on many occasions that the Book of Mormon is true and I've applied the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and found it to be the true way to happiness. I'm confident that no other path would have offered me the endless progress I've enjoyed. I feel very close to the Savior, Jesus Christ and his Father, our Heavenly Father. My foundation is built on the Redeemer of my Soul, the Lord of Hosts. If I remain a faithful servant of his, in the face of guaranteed trial and affliction, I cannot nor will I fail or heave to. I rejoice in the Messiah and his resurrection and testify that it is because of and through his sacrifice that I have been blessed, cleansed and changed forever.

How I live my faith

I'm a spiritual man: which is intimidating to some people, and boring to others, but I love it! I read the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon, and I drink those words in. The men and women in those books- prophets and heroes- are incredible, and their words and examples bring me comfort and light. I haven't missed not one of the first blocks of any single three-block meeting since my Mission, which really isn't that important, but it supplements what I'm going to say next: I look forward to the Sacrament each and every week and feel something each time I partake of it sincerely.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

This life is a blessing. We're all here to progress, to grow, to repent or in other words, prepare to meet God again. We do this by changing, by living and applying the Gospel and keeping the commandments our Father in Heaven has given us. We cannot enter Heaven without making covenants- solemn promises between God and man; the conditions are given and agreed to, and blessings are promised if we meet them- and keeping covenants. It is absolutely a part of God's plan that we enjoy this time on Earth. Our happiness is not our pursuit alone, but God's as well. As we live by his word and receive all that he gives us, we'll not only be happy in this life, but the next as well. God does, however, care for our immediate happiness in this life. He's sculpted valleys for us to contemplate, erected mountains for us to climb; he's planted flowers and trees to complement seasons, moods, truths and beauty and filled both earth and sea with wildlife for to observe and appreciate and use for sustenance. God's is the wholesome, the pure, uplifting, beautiful and undeniably good things of life, but none of these physical creations will gain us eternal life. That power is found solely in Christ and we can invoke it if we have faith on him, but not hollow faith, but faith which inevitably leads to righteous works. For faith, when it comes down to it, is shown and proven by works and is dead without them. Righteous works are simply the right choices. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Show more Show less