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Hi I'm Hayden

I love being with Family and Freinds, I'm a Swimmer and Eagle Scout! Above all I am a Child of God! And I AM A MORMON!

About Me

I am from a family of 9! I know it is a big one, but it sure is fun. I have 2 brothers, 4 sisters, and Good ole mom and dad. First there is Whitney who is 26 (keep the numbers in mind it gets good!) Then there is Kyle and Kyley-24 (YES, Twins) they were followed quickly behind by Lyndsey and Dakota-23(YES, another set of twins! and Yes a year apart!) I think most people would stop there. Having 5 kids under the age of three might put a damper on things, But not my parents! When I get to that part of my family all the moms I tell say, "Your mom is a SAINT!" i just have to laugh and tell them that there is still two more that I havent gotten to yet. Which then comes to Me-21! Then what i consider a big jump of 5 years comes my little sister Krista-16. It has been great growing up in such a great family. We are all pretty close to one another. Growing up it was tough because we all wanted the attention but once we grew out of that stage we are all real good friends! One of the reasons I believe my Family has become so close is because we are ALWAYS doing things together. It is getting a little crazy as everyone is starting to get married and have their own family but it is well worth the chaos! We camp, boat, fish, hunt, pretty much anything we can do to be out doors! My Parents got me into swimming pretty young! I hated it while i was younger but when i got into my high school years I loved it! In no ways am I the best, but i am pretty darn close! I wish that was the case!

Why I am a Mormon

I'd say one of the biggest reasons I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints is simply that. Whos name is on the church. It is not Joseph Smith, or some random name, but it is Jesus Christ, it is HIS church. Many say they are followers of Christ, but I believe we are litterally led by Christ. Just as the days when Christ was on the Earth we have Prophets and Apostles. They are Called of God. My family is another big reason. Not just for the fact that most of us are "Mormons" but for thr fact that we have the oppurtunity to Live together for ever, not just "til death do you part!" Through God's Authority that he has given to worthy men on this Earth comes the power to bind families together for all eternity. I want nothing more then to live with my Family for all time. Not only my all my past ancestors but also all my future family, including my own wife and kids. The thing that holds it all together, the eternal family, the being led by Christ, the authority, the prophets and apostles. Is the testimony I have about the Book of Mormon. IF that book is just a book nothing more, then everything that this church claims to be and have is false. It is as simple as that. IF it is true then that means everything the Church stands for and belives and lives is also true. Now comes the great question- How is it that I have come to believe it is true. It is the same way you can come to believe it is true, and the great secret to find out the truthfulness of this message is to do three things. First read the Book of Mormon, ponder in your heart the message it contains, and then to ask God, the Eternal Father. This is something I have done and I have received my answer and I urge you to do the same that you may come to the knowledge that I have come to. Namely that this is Christ's church. That there is a true and living prophet. That your family can be forever! That God loves each one of us!

How I live my faith

I believe there are several ways anyone can live there faith, weather it is actually going out inviting others to come unto Christ, or just simply being a friendly person. Christ Not only taught he showed. We now try our best to live in his footsteps. Sadly we all slip up, we leave the path, we go the other way. What ever it may be, What I have learned, Is it is not so important that we fell, but what God does care about is weather or not we get back up. I have my share of spiritual scars from my falls, but through the suffering and Sacrifice of Christ- which is the Atonement- I have been heald. It's never an easy thing to admit you were wrong or that you have made a mistake, but when you do you are truly coming closer to Jesus Christ and Hevenly Father. Besides admiting my mistakes and making a change in my life- true repentance- A big way I live my faith is through serving others. I love going to the homes of elderly couples and see what I can do to help them. What ever the Job is I will do it if I have the "Know How!" I think the reason I love service so much is because of the example of my Dad. He works harder then any other person I know, and yet he still some how finds the time to go out and help someone in need. He can and will fix anything and always lend that helping hand. Another example to me of service is Jesus Christ. Christ did a lot of service while in is mortal state- healing the sick, raising the dead, teaching and much much more- and as I do service to my fellow beings I truly believe I am only in the service of my God! We do not only grow closer to those we are helping but also to our Father in Heaven

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

The purpose of life is simple enough. To prepare to meet God in our physical bodies! We believe we lived with God before but in order to progress further we needed to obtain a body of flesh and bones. Now that we are here and have our bodies we must prepare to meet God by faith, repentance, baptism by immersion, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end. These are the steps that we need to take to return and live with our Father again! Show more Show less