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Im serving in N.O.M, and im a MORMON.

About Me

Yo!! My full name is Siaosi Ivan Holani Pauni. In english my name translates to George.. hence the "big george" title. Im a Tongan from the small island of Logan, Ut. . yeah you heard me right.. haha. That means, i was Born in Logan, Ut. but my parents originate from the kingdom of Tonga. I come from a big family of 9 kids and my MOM. Back in 2004 my father passed away at age 47 which really hurt our family. But, being raised in the gospel and knowing of the "Plan of salvation", a very familiar/comforting spirit was over my family and i. Its kind of where my story begins. After his death i developed a testimony in the Plan of Salvation and i found gods love for us as his children. My testimony has been tried and tested but i can testify that if your testimony is built on Jesus Christ IT WILL NEVER FALL. I have been converted multiple times and i know that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real. ANYWAY...i love to play sports even though im kinda.....bigger. I love to eat, and sleep. I love to sing even though im not very good at it. I love music, music is seriously my life besides my family. I love to listen to Reggae music, but over time i have adapted to country music as well. haha. DON'T JUDGE ME! lol. My family and i do Polynesian luau's and we cater polynesian food, so i love to dance!! But thats me in a nut shell... and im mormon!!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints because i love God, and Jesus Christ. I have prayed about this religion and have found that God has pointed me down this road. I love this gospel because i have seen literal miracles, and have found the "true" and everlasting "happiness" that does not go away. I am a mormon because i know that god loves us enough to send us another prophet. I know that our prophet today (Thomas S. Monson) is a true prophet that receives counsel from the lord for the world today. I know that God has seen fit for his Priesthood to be back on the earth, and i am proud to be a member of that holy Priesthood order. I am a member because of the love that is found in the church, and no matter where you go, there is ALWAYS a church for you to meet with. I am a member because i know that the Plan of Salvation is very real and that because of Jesus Christ we will all live again. I also know that we will be able to see our loved ones again, and we may be able to live with our families together with God and Jesus Christ! I am a member because of the spirit that i feel in my life, and as well as in church meetings. I am a member because i have a firm testimony that Book of Mormon is real, and true scripture. I strongly believe in both the bible, and the Book of Mormon, and i am blessed with time to study from both each day. I know that the Book of Mormon is for us to study and learn from although it takes place way too long ago. I know that we can receive personal revelation for ourselves. I also know that when god is answering our prayers through other people, he also has a specific scripture for us to read for that specific experience. I know that i have found answers from the Book of Mormon. I know of all these things through many prayers and scripture study and i invite anyone else out there to do the same. If there is any of you that are out seeking,i can promise in the sacred name of Jesus Christ he will answer!Don't give up

How I live my faith

As of right now, i am blessed with this opportunity to be a full time missionary serving here in the Nebraska Omaha Mission. I am able to set that example of what i believe in by going out each day and testifying of it. I love my mission and i love this gospel i have to promulgate. I have been out on my mission for just over a year now and i have loved every minute of it. I know that there are some people watching our every movements, whether it be good or bad, and i know that through my actions and what i do each day i can set that example for them. Just recently my companion and i have been kinda.. struggling with the work. But as we met with some members of the church, they let us know that they spoke with a lady we have been dealing with for some time. They went on to say that the lady had only good things to say about us. The members went on to say that she had learned a lot from us, and is always watching our very sudden movements. I am just happy that we were acting in a orderly manner! haha. But it was good to see that people are watching and no matter when they are watching, we will be the same in action. I am happy to "live" my faith each day by getting out to talk/ serve anyone i can come in contact with. And even if they don't like us, they will still have that picture of how we conducted ourself.

What is faith?

I believe that Faith was once hope, and that it turns into KNOWLEDGE. We learn in the doctrine that faith is believing in something that you cannot see, but you know is true.. You start out with having a hope for things, and that progresses into belief (faith), and that turns into knowing. But faith is so powerful and i believe that FAITH=POWER. Show more Show less