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Hi I'm Alexander

I"m the kid next door who likes to wear shorts in the winter, likes to be out fishing on a nice summer day. Also I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I was born in Utah, I have 4 sisters and 7 brothers So I know a little bit about a crazy house hold. I Love to spend time with my family and friends, They are the best. I like to play just about any sport, Basketball is the only one that I might be able to school you on ha ha. I also like to go fishing, hiking, and camping. My life has not always been what I hoped it would be with my mom and dad splitting. But with much prayer and faith in Christ Things worked out and you come out a little stronger. I served a two year mission in Nebraska, where I taught about the Restoration of Christ Gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, so many people say that I had to believe or that my faith in what I do is only because of the fact that I grew up with it. I know that many may see it that way but for me the real reason that I am a member of the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints, is because of a promise that is given in the Book of Mormon. In the last chapter called Moroni Chapter 10 verse 3-5 that say. If any person will read the book of Mormon and pray about seeking to really find out if it is true, then by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know of the truthfulness, and by the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things. That hit me hard when I first read it so I went with what it said and I read it and prayed about it, and you know what it is true and if you don't believe my words than you can try the test for your self and if you do it really wanting to know and pour your heart into it than you will know true and you will be changed for the better. And that I promise you!

How I live my faith

I believe that faith is an action word, you can't have true faith unless you really act on what you believe. I have acted on my faith by keeping the commandments, and by listening to the prophet who is the lords servant,who tell me what I must do to keep my self clean. I also read the Scriptures often so that I can have a stronger knowledge of what the lord wants from me and for me. In putting my faith into action I gave two years of my life to go off to seve a mission In Nebraska, where I talked with people about Jesus Christ and his Gospel. I have found guidence from god through prayer, where I have learned to hear the Holy Ghost put words and thoughts in my mind of what the lord wants me to do. I believe that we must we must do the things that I have talked about every day to be able to know how to come to Christ, as Christ said to peter I need you never go back to your old life, Once we make the chose to follow Christ, there is no turning back. So to put how I live my in a few words, I read from the Sricptures, pray often, go to church every sunday, and invite others to do so aswell, I also find that the temple helps me greatly aswell.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Well this is a very good question that many who seek to know. How can I come to know my Father in Heaven? I would like to let you know that this is a question that I and any-other LDS member can help you with. The way that we can come to know our Father in Heaven is through prayer. Now many think that prayer is some words in a book that we say to the wall or something and then we will go on until the next meeting. I know that for me that prayer is a two way talking time with our Heavenly Father, he wants you to talk to him because he loves you. Now the way that we can pray to him that will bring answer is by addressing him as our Heavenly Father, to let him know we are talking to him. Then we can share the thoughts of our hearts, you can ask him for blessing, answers to questions you have and telling him that you are grateful for what you have, and then pausing and giving him time to answer what you have asked and any other things he would like to share with you. And then ending in the name of Jesus Christ amen. By doing this you will start to have a real since of who he is, all you need to do is get on your knees and open up to him and then wait and listen to the feeling, thoughts and answers he will give. And if you feel like you don't know how to pray very well, just go for it and if you pray to know him you will get an answer that he is there, he answers everyone who does this, maybe not in your own time but he does answer. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I would have to say that one thing that tells me that there is a god is that are on this earth of ours the only place for light-years around where we could find a place that we could live on. Now think if we just moved the location of the earth a little bit farther or closer to the sun we would all die and would have never been born or thought of. There is no way that all of this just happened and that no one over saw it. Another thing that I would like to have you think of is now all of the growth of the world, the trees how they grow how if you look at the smallest life form like leafs that it has awesome workmanship done to it far greater than anything us mankind can do. Now think of a new born child looking at the world for the first time and the spirit of love and peace that comes from it. The most amazing thing of all to me is the peace, joy and love I feel when I pray and know that someone who cares is listening and answering every last word with the up most care and understanding, this is how I know that there is a god. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon to me is about having joy, we have so many different ideas about what happiness in life. There are many things in life that can make you happy for a little while, but for me life would be hard if I was to base my happiness off what I owned and how much of it that I had. In the church we know that we can be together forever with our families, knowing this lets us know that the only thing that we should want more of is love in our families. Earthly things come and go everyday they comeout with new toys and games that soon lose there tast. I have learned that if you put more time with your family and try to get to know them and do things together, then you will findout what joy really is. So to answer your question I would say that being a mormon is awesome because you have that Knowledge of what life is really all about. And once you know that you will find joy. Show more Show less

What is faith?

What is Faith? Well faith is one of the most important principles in our church. Faith is things that are hoped for that are not seen, which are true. If you have faith in Jesus Christ you will knwo that he is there for you and wants what is best for you. If you have faith you will do what the Lord asks of you. Faith is an Action word if you have faith is will drive you to act on it and that is how you will know the strength of your faith because you will act on it. There is great power in using faith, in the Book Of Mormon there is a prophet who talks about faith and how to get it. Alma 32:28-43. After reading this I knew that If I have a hard time knowing is right and good, to put my faith in the lord and I can make it. Show more Show less