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Hi I'm Ashley

I'm a writer, editor, and designer born in New York and raised in farm country, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a computer guru who realized after one semester of college that I didn't want to study computers, just wanted to use them. I was an indecisive student—still am, really—and it took five majors for me to decide to study English. What I discovered was a love of language, of how we communicate, and how that changes over time and mediums. I decided, with a less-than-stellar GPA, that wanted to go to grad school I didn't get there straight out of undergrad; I had some extra work to do to get there. I still haven't finished that degree, partially because I've gleaned so much out of grad school that the MFA doesn't really matter to me. Now I'm just among the thousands trying to find my way in our recovering economy. After living with a government subcontracted job for over a year that I hated, I finally have a new job that appeals to my interests.

Why I am a Mormon

I refuse to believe that my Father in Heaven sent me to Earth without having a plan to bring me back to Him. I was very young the first time the Plan of Salvation was explained to me, but even then I knew that was the way to return home. I understood I have a place on this earth and purpose in life to serve my God and be a good example, helping to lift others. I have come to understand that everything happens on the Lord's schedule, not our own. I look back through the history of the world and see His hand shaping it, preparing the world for the fulness of the Gospel. I know that we live in the last days before His Second Coming. I am grateful for Him, for his enduring sacrifice. I know that He took upon Himself the sins of the world so that every last one of us could be saved. I know I'll never be able to fully comprehend the Atonement during this life, but I am so grateful for it, and for the knowledge that my savior knows me, understands my sufferings, and—as long as I am listening—will be there as my comforter. I know this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He leads and counsels this church, and that President Monson is his mouthpiece. The Church is my beacon of hope in an ever darkening world. I am a Mormon because I can't imagine being anything but.

How I live my faith

At church, I currently serve in four capacities. I am in charge of the printed program for Sunday services. I seek out inspirational images and quotes from scriptures, hymns, and church leaders to help set the mood for the meeting or the week ahead. I have recently become the family history coordinator, and I'm striving to excite everyone into temple work and the fun of genealogy. I play the piano for the women every week, grateful that I now have a keyboard at home to practice on. The hardest thing I currently do is play the organ for our main services. I'm not paid, and the extent of my professional training was four months nearly ten years ago. It's a challenge, a struggle, and there are days when I mess up royally. But I laugh it off. That is how I strive to demonstrate my faith. I work as hard as I can to succeed at life, and keep a cheerful disposition. But sometimes we mess up. It will happen. Luckily, my faith in my Savior reminds me to just keep on going. When I'm on the organ, I can't stop playing because I hit a bad note. In life, we can't stop learning and growing because we sin or transgress. Forward motion and the faith that there's a reason to keep trying drives me in my life. It's a never-ending process, having faith and trust in God, and I am so, so grateful for that.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

We have had the Bible for a long time, yes, and it is still an important book. After all, it is the volume of scripture that documents Christ's life and ministry. But how much better would we be with more scripture, scripture that was written to be shared with us living in the Last Days? The Book of Mormon is a manifestation of Christ's love. He gave us another testament to study, to ponder, and to help us grow spiritually. With the companionship of the Book of Mormon and modern revelation, the Bible becomes an even greater tool for hope and faith in our Savior. Show more Show less