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Hi I'm Jared

I'm a dancer, I'm an athlete, I'm a student and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from a small town in southwest Virginia where members of the church are few and far between. Currently I'm a Senior in college and working towards being an optometrist. Ballet, soccer and running are some of my favorite things to do in my free time, but I've always been one for trying something new.  

Why I am a Mormon

Although my parents were both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the decision to be "Mormon" was something I had to make on my own. I have complete confidence and trust in my parents, but I realized at a fairly young age that in order to be a member of the church I had to have my own conversion. When I was fourteen years old I started to have a lot of doubts creep into my mind. I was struggling with a lot of things at that time and unfortunately even my faith starting to shake. After a while my doubts started to bring a lot of fear into my life and I realized that I had to do something before things got any worse. Fortunately my parents taught me from the scriptures all through my childhood and I knew according to James 15 that when I really needed to know something my Heavenly Father was always willing to give me the knowledge I sought. I also knew from reading The Book of Mormon that if I were to pray with faith in Christ and be willing to act on the answer that I received that my prayer would be answered by the Holy Spirit. Though I didn’t expect to have a vision or some extraordinary out of body experience I knew what the promptings of the Spirit felt like Galatians 522-23 and knew what to expect. One night I decided it was time to settle my doubts and find the answers to my questions. I started by offering a humble payer to my Heavenly Father voicing my desire to know the truth and to understand His gospel, and asked for guidance as I studied. While searching through the Book of Mormon for quite some time that night I began to find the answers that I was looking for. I noticed that as I found more and more in the scriptures, my doubts that remained just didn't seem to matter any more because everything fit together so well and just made sense. When I had satisfied my hunger for knowledge, I again turned to the Lord and knelt in prayer. I prayed vocally, and as I heard myself say the words I felt a very real sensation that someone was listening very intently. I was alone in my room, and yet as I asked to know if the things I had read were true I felt almost as if I was being embraced. I felt calm. I felt peace. I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and as I knelt there with my head bowed and then I felt a very strong impression. I felt in my mind and heart the Spirit say to me, "Yes Jared. It is true. You've always known it was true. There's no need to fear anymore, you have found the truth." Why am I a Mormon, well, I guess I have to say I'm a Mormon because when I needed Him most, God was willing to listen and to answer the prayer of a boy who just wanted to know the truth. I have since said many prayers, and have received many answers throughout my life, and I know that God always has and always will answer the prayers of His children as long as they are willing to act on the answer they receive.

How I live my faith

I may never be perfect, but I think that living your faith means more than just going to church once or twice a week. God has a lot of children on this earth and unfortunately they don't always agree or get along. Living my faith means to keep that perspective that we are all children of God and should treat each other as such. I don't always know how to express it, but learning to love everyone around me has been my ongoing goal in order to better live the way Christ would want me too.