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Hi I'm Jacob Arturo

Techno runs through my head 24/7, My car's name is Aianna, Life's #1 rule is trust God, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

So first off, I am half Colombian and don't speak Spanish...yet. I am currently living in British Columbia, Canada. I have been a member for all of my life, but never really appreciated it until a couple years ago. Back home some of my favorite things to do were just to drive around and listen to some way sweet, calming, perfect techno! I also love chilling with the family and extended family, I mean they live just down the street so its a party every day for sure. I also love to game, but I am willing to admit I wasted way to much time on them... even though they are nothing short of awesome...

Why I am a Mormon

Again, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I was born into it. But why I stay a member is because I have come to know what real happiness comes from following the commandments of God. What God asks of us is 100x better for us than anything we can come up with. God knows what true happiness is, perfect, pure, everlasting, real happiness. And those commandments, principles, and doctrines are lived in this gospel. Of coarse those commandments, principles, and doctrines are an ever learning process, a process to master our self so that we can truly find real happiness. I know this from experience, which is the only way anyone can come to know that the things God asks of us are real truth, and not just some things that sounded good on paper... I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints BECAUSE IT BRINGS ME HAPPINESS!!!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by following the perfect example, Jesus Christ, and building my life with Him at the foundation. Now of coarse I don't live it perfectly, because no one can, we are all human. But I do try my best to see where the Savior is asking me to improve my life. If it be in the way I treat others, myself, or God, I am constantly striving to be a better disciple of Christ. And of coarse the path is difficult and narrow, and I definitely slip up from time to time, to even time and time again, and again... basically a little more than I would like to admit... BUT THAT IS WHAT THE ATONEMENT IS FOR!!! The Atonement of Jesus Christ helps us change and live a new life, a life that will bring us more joy than the old one we left behind!!! It is about constantly improving ourselves, and always keeping our desire to be better!!! It is so beautiful to know that we all have a Savior who performed this great infinite and eternal blessing for each and every one of us, personally. I have come to know that that means there is always someone who understands perfectly what I am going threw, every emotion and feeling. Every sadness and joy. Every single thing I am going threw and will ever go threw in this life, Jesus Christ understands perfectly, and is always willing to help us. He doesn't care how many times we have screwed up in the past, or what we were. He only cares to help us reach our true potential were we will be most happy. He performed the Atonement because he has real love for all of us... charity. That is the Christ-like attribute that I am striving to have the most, but is of coarse one of the ones that takes the most work, and again will never be able to perfect in this life. But all Heavenly Father asks of us is our best, our real intent and desire to be our best. And the way to acheive that is threw Jesus Christ's Gospel.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Jacob Arturo
 A real testimony is a very powerful and personal thing. A testimony is when you bear witness of things you not only "know", but really Know, with all the conviction of your heart. And when you share your testimony with others, you are showing them the way you truly and honestly feel about what you are bearing testimony on. You are trying to show others how you feel, so that they themselves will want to see why you feel that way. And when you are bearing a real and sincere testimony, the Holy Spirit then carries that testimony to the hearts of those who hear it. And our own personal testimonies can be made stronger through study of Gods word, prayer, and personal experience, meaning go out and try Gods word by living it. You then will gain your own personal testimony of what truth is from God, or other sources... Show more Show less