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Hi I'm Petey

im a missionary, i love baseball and soccer. i love the outdoors, country life! i love to laugh, joke, have a good time!

About Me

Hello im pedro and im currently serving a mission in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission. I have found much joy in serving the lord and looking for ways to better my self as a representative/disiple of christ. I am a recent convert of 3 years and the greates decision I could have ever done is accepting the true gospel of christ. I have had many personal experiences with serving the lord, being a priesthood holder and helping others. Before my mission I did not get a chance to attend college because right after I joined the church the question if I should serve a mission came up and I knew I had to, so my plans for college had to be put aside for a while. I love playing with little kids. After I joined the church, I have found greater peace when I get a chance to play with my nephews and niece and so that led me to decide that I want to be a pediatrician. Life inside the world does not put much emphasis on the importance of family but what I have come to love and desiree is the happiness of my future family and mine.

Why I am a Mormon

How I came to know the church was true is by recognizing that the world is a tough place to be alone in, the things of the world make god seem unimportant and boring at times. To offten you find yourself helpless, without guidance, and alone. We start to question the purpose of life, and if there is a God, why does he let bad things happen to us? the answer is simple, God does not govern our life, the choices we make today will affect the outcome of tomorrow! As a recent high school graduate I learned the hard way through a near death experience involving a car accident that lead me to believe that God was looking out for me, that he had a greater purpose of life for me. At that moment I knew with an assurance that God lives, he loves us, and without a doubt in mind, is mindfull off our needs. It led me to a search of who God was? What part he is suppose to play in my life? What more is there for me to do? At times it seemed so hard to make a choice of which church was true. My family being of catholic background, and a brother who was a minister of another faith, and another brother who was LDS. I worked with my brother that is a member and right away I saw a difference in his character, his personality, the way he acted. Pretty soon I realized that his whole family were acting different and you could feel a different love from them, and then I realized that it was the gospel that brought them joy. I choose to go to church and since the first time I went to church I felt a peace thats undiscribable and a joy of feeling welcome. I knew I had found god. I was baptized 3 months after my brother had joined the LDS church. The gospel of jesus christ bring peace, love, and continuance joy aslong as we live an honorable life, and have the companionship of the holy ghost. GALATIANS 5:22-23. I'm not perfect but I strive to be like Jesus Christ every day, as I follow the example of jesus christ, I draw closer to god. This is why I'm a mormon!

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving others, setting goals, and attending church! There are so many ways you can live your faith but my biggest joy is what I'm currently doing now. I'm a missionarie for the church and am currently serving in the Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Mission. I have found alot of joy in helping others come to know the truth just like I have come to know. A simple gretting can change a persons day, but the gospel of Jesus Christ can change their life and that's my duty, to "teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have cammanded" (Matthew 28:19-20) to the people in oklahoma. Back home I have served in different callings, a calling is an oportunity to serve within the church in different opportunitys. I had the oportunity to work with young men from the ages of 12-17, being with them made me feel like a kid but even better was getting to know them personaly and seeing how my example help them over come challenges that young men face now days! As I have choosen to serve others, my love for people has grown, to see young men of that age go through struggles in life and not know who to go to, so they give into temptation is a sad thing. Overcomeing my struggles helped me realize that I must share my testimony with them, to show them that I was their friend and greater than a friend I was their older brother in the eyes of God.(Proverbs17:17) To see young men change their life's and go from walking the wrong path, to starting over with a big brother to guide them brings a joy that can only be gained by being in the service of others.(Mosiah 2:16-17) Looking at everyone literally as brother and sister can, and will change our life, it will motivate us to serve others, help them, and encourage them, just like we would with our relatives. Serving others, looking to better my self and be what God expects me to be is how I live my faith!